Setting Up Report Notifications

You can receive a notification via iPhone, Android, and/or email when KPA EHS reports are submitted.

Finding the Report Notifications Page

First go to the “Report Notifications” page. You can find it within the KPA EHS website > My Profile > Notifications > Edit Reports (
Learn More).

You will see a listing of any reports that you have permission to “Analyze”:

Creating A Notification

To create a notification, press the “Turn On” button then choose the type of notification (iPhone, Android, and/or Email).

If you wish to receive
all responses, press “Save”.

To filter the responses you receive, press “Add a condition…” and choose which question/answer to receive notifications for. You can add additional filters by pressing the “and…” or “or…” buttons. Press the “X” to delete a condition. Press “Save” when you are finished.

When Are Notifications Sent?

New Responses – You will be notified if the response matches your filter.

Edited Responses – Later, if a response is edited, you will be notified if:

  • the updated response matches your filter
  • AND the previous version did not match your filter


  1. Say your company has an “Incident Report” where employees choose a severity of Low, Medium, or Critical
  2. You setup an iPhone alert for all “Critical” reports.
  3. A report is submitted with “Low” severity.
  4. You would not receive an alert because the severity wasn’t “Critical”.
  5. Later a manager edits the response and changes the severity to “Critical”.
  6. This edit would alert you because now the response is “Critical”.
  7. Later another manager edits the response to fix a typo in the description.
  8. This edit would not alert you because it had already notified you about the “Critical” severity. Nothing about the severity changed.