Configuring Procore Integration


  • Runs Hourly
  • “Pull”/”Get” Employees from partner system and add them to Flex.
  • “Pull”/”Get” Projects from partner system and add them to Flex.
  • The employee and project integrations can be turned on/off individually in the case that you want to pull data for employees but not projects and vice versa.
  • Ability to pull from one company or multiple companies in Procore.
  • Authentication happens between Flex UI and Procore. We suggest that the person who ”authenticates” the integration has the highest level of access in Procore (IT admin or system admin) to avoid any possible permission level errors.

About Employee Integration:

  • The following fields are required to pull employees from Procore: Employee Number, First Name, Last Name, and Email. If the Employee Number is not present in Procore, then that employee will not be added to Flex. A username is also required but since this field is not in Procore, the integration will set employee email as the username in Flex.
  • In Procore, only users marked as “Yes” for “Is Employee Of” will be added as employees via the integration. Any users that is marked “No” for “Is Employee Of” in Procore will not be added by the integration.
  • Employee Integration field mapping:
    • employeeID (Procore) > employeeNumber (Flex)
    • first_name (Procore) > firstName (Flex)
    • last_name (Procore) > lastName (Flex)
    • email_address (Procore) > username (Flex)
    • email_address (Procore) > email (Flex)
    • is_active (Procore) > if false, becomes termiantionDate (Flex)
    • *once status becomes anything but Active in Procore, Flex will set a termination date for the Employee who had status change from Active to Inactive

About Project Integration:

  • All Procore projects will be added to Flex (both active and inactive), mirroring Procore’s data. Active projects in Procore become active projects in Flex and inactive projects in Procore become inactive projects in Flex. We are adding inactive projects so that we can “reactivate” a project if an inactive projects becomes active in Procore.
  • Project Integration field mapping:
    • name (Procore) > name (Flex)
    • project_number (Procore) > number (Flex)
    • active (Procore) > isActive (Flex)
    • city (Procore) > city (Flex)
    • state (Procore) > state (Flex)
    • zip (Procore) > zip (Flex)
    • address (Procore) > address (Flex)

To Authenticate/Set Up Integration:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel > Integrations > Procore
  2. Click “Connect Procore”
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts (you will be prompted to login to Procore for the authentication to occur in the background)
  4. You will be returned to Flex and see the Procore Integration configuration panel
  5. Turn the switch ON to enable integration
  6. Select a company(s)
  7. For Employee Configuration
    • Enabled or disable the employee integration
    • Select a default role. This will be the role in Flex that is applied to all new employees added by the integration
    • Update existing employees – when enabled, the integration will check for changes in the employee data between Procore and Flex and if changes exist it will update in Flex to “match” Procore data
    • Force password reset – when enabled, new employees added via the integration will be required to change their password upon first login to Flex
    • Send welcome email – when enabled, new employees added via the integration will be sent the standard welcome email from Flex.
  8. For Project Configuration
    • Enable or disable the project integration.