Composed Trainings


With Composed Trainings, you can compose an all-encompassing Training Topic that is satisfied only when other individual trainings have been completed. 

Most trainings are completed in a classroom or online by taking a lesson. But some trainings – especially certifications – are not taken directly. They are achieved by completing several other trainings.

For example, let’s look at Forklift Certification. To be certified, an employee must complete a classroom-based training and a hands-on evaluation. To set this up in KPA Flex, we’ll create three trainings:

  • Forklift Classroom – This is a regular training that is either completed online or in a classroom.
  • Forklift Evaluation – This is another regular training that must be marked complete by an instructor.
  • Forklift Certification – This is a composed training where the employee must complete Forklift Classroom then Forklift Evaluation (in order). Once both of these trainings are complete, Forklift Certification will automatically be shown as “complete”.


Here’s how to create a Composed Training in KPA Flex:

  • Navigate to Training > Edit Trainings
  • If the individual Training Topics you want to include in a Composed Training have not been created yet, do that first.  Check out the article here for more information about adding a new training.
  • If the Training Topics are already in place, click the button in the top right corner.


  • Title – The name of the training
  • Highlighted On Profile – Select “Yes” if this training is a certification that should be highlighted in green at the top of the employee’s profile (when completed).
  • Attachment in App? – Select “Yes” to include training attachments within the “My Profile” page of the mobile app.


  • There are three ways to assign training in KPA Flex – Everyone, None, and Limited.
  • Everyone – Select this option if the training topic will be required for ALL employees.
  • None – Select this option if the training topic is not required for any employee.  This could be used to keep track of training completion for a topic but is Optional for an employee to complete.
  • Limited – Select this option to assign the training to a group of employees based on certain conditions, like a Job Title, Location, or Line of Business.  This can also be used to assign the training to a list of specific individuals.
  • NOTE: At the bottom of this section, you will see how many employees match these conditions.
    • When assigning the Composed Training to employees, leave the individual training topic assignment set to None.


  • Select the required trainings that must be completed to satisfy the Composed Training


  • Determine if the trainings need to be done in a specific order
  • If Allow Any Order is selected, Employees who are assigned the training will have all Required Trainings appear as an Open Task.
    • This will allow the Employee to complete each training in whatever order he or she wants.
  • If you Specify The Order, the Employee will only see the next required training in their Open Tasks.
  • You can drag and drop the topics to change the order of completion.
  • Click Save Changes to complete the creation of the new Composed Training Topic


  • Expiration of a Composed Training topic is based on the Schedule settings of the individual training topics that are required.
    • The Composed Training will expire when any of its sub-trainings expire.