Getting Started with SFTP

Are you looking to get started automating your dataloads in KPA EHS via SFTP?

We recommend you get in contact with a member of your internal IT Staff.
Then, go to the Control Panel, and look for the SFTP Administration link in the Administration section:

The first time anyone visits this page you’ll see a landing page that allows the user to generate the SFTP login credentials. Read through everything on this page and then click “Generate SFTP Login Credentials”:

This next page should give you all of the credentials you need to set up the SFTP connection. The blue section at the top contains the credentials you’ll need.

The pink section in the middle contains supporting documentation. The white section at the bottom contains the fields to setup email notifications when the SFTP processor runs.

Don’t forget to select the “Enable SFTP” checkbox and save the page once everything is ready.

Please watch the video below for additional information, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected] for additional assistance.