Location Accuracy (iOS / Android)

KPA Flex will mark the GPS location of a device at the moment that a report is submitted.

The location is determined by the observer’s device. Accuracy is entirely dependent on their hardware.

Need help with location permissions on a device? See the Location Permissions Guide 

Typically a device will try the following strategies to get the best location possible (each being less accurate than the one before):

  • GPS – accurate within a few meters (assuming you have GPS reception)
  • WiFi – Typically accurate within few hundred meters, but can be off by very large amounts in rare cases
  • Cell Network – Uses triangulation of cell towers to estimate your position
  • ISP – Uses the geographic location of your Internet Service Provider. Can be dozens or even hundreds of miles off.
For the best results, make sure the observer’s device has GPS and permissions enabled.
For more information on enabling location permissions, see the 
Location Permissions page.