Upcoming Anniversaries (Video)

The following is a transcript of the video guide:

This video guide is going to walk through the Upcoming Anniversaries module of the KPA Flex website.
It’s really a very small module, but I can show you some of the features right here.
Basically, in an employee profile, whenever you create and employee you’re able to set a hire date for that employee.
That’s used for different things throughout the system, but since we have that data, we thought it made sense to go ahead and make a page where you could see upcoming employee anniversaries, in case you wanted to say, “Hey, glad you’ve been here for five years,” or whatever it is.

Within the control panel, if you scroll down you can actually see the upcoming anniversaries link right there.
If I click on that, I can see that I don’t have very many people in this demo site, but within the next week, there’s one employee that has an anniversary, and they were hired on September 2nd of 2013, so it’s going to be a two-year anniversary.
This page is something that employees can go to if you give them access.
The way that you would give access would be within the rolls and permissions.

Basically you can scroll down to the, let’s see.
I’ll cheat and find it real quick.
There’s a View Anniversaries section that’s listed at the very bottom of the employee’s permissions.
By default, an employee-level, or a manager-level would not be able to view that page, but an admin would.

You could change that and you could say, “I want everybody to be able to see that.”
Then you’d hit Okay right there, and then now employee-level people can see that.
Then I can change managers as well if I wanted to.
That’s what it looks like to do the permissions and to actually go in and look at the anniversaries that are upcoming.

Another feature that we have is the ability to subscribe to a weekly email that gets sent out, that shares when those anniversaries are for the next week.
If you go into your unread messages, then you can see a Edit Notification Settings button, or if you go into your employee profile, you have an Edit Notification Settings button.
Both of those will take you to the same page, and basically this second group right here is the Employee Anniversaries group, and so since I have permission to view employee anniversaries, that means I have the ability to see this.
If I didn’t have permission this would actually be invisible or not here at all.

I have it set up where every Friday I’m going to receive an email with the upcoming employee anniversaries for the next week.
I could also get an alert on my iPhone or Android if I wanted to, and then those would send me an alert on my phone, I’d swipe it, and it would take me to this page within the control panel.
For the email the anniversary’s actually embedded within the email, and then you can click on an employee’s name to actually view their profile or do whatever you need to.
That’s a pretty minor feature within the site, but it’s something good to know about, definitely good to go say, glad you’ve been with the company or whatever to the employees that have been there for a while.

Hopefully that makes sense, if you’ve got other questions definitely check out the other video guides or feel free to contact us if you’ve got any questions as well.