Training Page Redesign

Explore the enhanced features on our updated Trainings page for a smoother user experience.

Organize with Folders

Easily manage your training folders by accessing the Training tab in the main navigation panel. Rearrange folders effortlessly using the double arrow icon, allowing alphabetical sorting or personalized order.

Efficient Search Functionality

Locate specific trainings swiftly with the new search box positioned at the top of the Trainings page. Conduct keyword searches to find the exact training you need.

Batch Operations Made Simple

Streamline your tasks by selecting multiple trainings at once using the ‘Select Multiple’ option. Perform batch operations such as moving to a folder or deleting for enhanced efficiency.

Customize Your View

Enjoy tailored viewing experiences with the updated pagination feature. Choose how many trainings you want to see at a time, with the option to display up to 100 per page. Navigate seamlessly through your complete list using the convenient back and forth arrows.