Configuring Spectrum Integration


  • Runs hourly
  • “Pull”/”Get” Employees from partner system and add them to Flex. 
  • “Pull”/”Get” Projects from partner system and add them to Flex. 
  • Ability to pull from one company code or multiple company codes in Spectrum.
  • Two authentication options in Spectrum (Basic and Enhanced). Spectrum administrator will need to set up authentication access in Spectrum prior to setting up the integration in Flex.

About Employee Integration:

  • The following fields are required to pull employees from Spectrum: Employee Code, First Name, and Last Name. Please note that since Flex requires a unique employee number and username, the Spectrum company code and the employee code will be combined in the following format: “[Company_Code ]-[ Employee_Code ]”. For example, an employee imported with the company code “ABC” and an employee code “1000” will appear as “ABC-1000” in Flex. Employees that already exist in Flex but do not exist in Spectrum will remain active in Flex.
  • Employee Integration field mapping:
    • companyCode-employeeCode (Spectrum) > employeeNumber (Flex)
    • firsName (Spectrum) > firstName (Flex)
    • lastName (Spectrum) > lastName (Flex)
    • employeeCode (Spectrum) > username (Flex)
    • employeeStatus (Spectrum) > if not equal “A”, becomes termiantionDate (Flex)
    • *once status becomes anything but Active in Spectrum, Flex will set a termination date for the Employee who had status change from Active to Inactive
    • *Email address is not available through the “GetEmployee” API from Spectrum, so email address will not be populated in Flex when pulling from Spectrum

About Project Integration:

  • All Spectrum projects (jobs) will be added to KPA Flex and updated hourly, mirroring Spectrum’s data.
  • Project Integration field mapping:
    • jobDescription (Spectrum) > name (Flex)
    • jobNumber (Spectrum) > number (Flex)
    • statusCode is “A” (Spectrum) > isActive (Flex)
    • city (Spectrum) > city (Flex)
    • state (Spectrum) > state (Flex)
    • zip (Spectrum) > zip (Flex)
    • address (Spectrum) > address (Flex)

To Enable Flex API Access in Spectrum (Basic Auth):

  1. Create an operator (ex KPAFLEX), assign a scheme and a password to it. (DO NOT check “Require user to change password”
  2. Go to System Admin > Installation > Data Exchange
    • Click Go for your list of users.
  3. Create a new user with unique Authorization ID (ex KPA Flex) and assign companies it will have access to.
    • Attach this ID to the Operator you just created.
    • In the Memo list it as the KPA interface DO NOT DELETE.
  4. Click Build and assign the following services.
    • HumanResources > GetJobTitles
    • JobCost >GetJob
    • Payroll > EmpImage
    • Payroll > GetEmployee
  5. Click OK to save.

For More Info on Data Exchange Set Up in Spectrum >>

To Authenticate/Set Up Integration in Flex: (Basic Auth)

  1. Navigate to Control Panel > Integrations > Spectrum
  2. Turn the switch ON to enable integration
  3. Enter the following required Authentication Details
    • Spectrum URL
    • Port (in Spectrum, port number is found in System Admin > Utilities >  Data Exchange Download)
    • Auth ID (in Spectrum, created in Data Exchange)
    • Company(s) Code
  4. For Employee Configuration
    • Enabled or disable the employee integration
    • Select a default role. This will be the role in Flex that is applied to all new employees added by the integration
    • Update existing employees – when enabled, the integration will check for changes in the employee data between Spectrum and Flex and if changes exist it will update in Flex to “match” Spectrum data
    • Force password reset – when enabled, new employees added via the integration will be required to change their password upon first login to Flex
    • Send welcome email – when enabled, new employees added via the integration will be sent the standard welcome email from Flex.
  5. For Project Configuration
    • Enable or disable the project integration.