Single Sign-On (SSO) (Video)

KPA EHS supports Single Sign-On (SSO) for authentication via a number of identity providers: Microsoft, Google, Okta, Azure AD, OAuth, and SAML.
If you are interested in activating this feature, please reach out to [email protected] to discuss pricing and options.

Please note that setting up SSO access requires some technical knowledge, and you will likely need the assistance of someone from your internal IT department to get started.
Once enabled, you can find the link for SSO admin in the control panel under the Administration section:

Please note that at this time, you can only use SSO to manage authentication, not to provision profiles.
1. Scroll down and select an identity provider from the drop down list:

If your identity provider is Microsoft, or Google, once you’ve selected your identity provider, all you need to do is select “Save and Test this Configuration”. If you are using Okta, Azure AD, OAuth or SAML, you will need to provide additional information, as specified.

2. Once you’ve saved your information in section 1, you will need to test the configuration. Follow the instructions and use the test link that was generated for you. When finished, select “Done testing”.

3. Lastly, remember to enable the SSO connection, and choose whether you want your users to have the option to authenticate with a username and password, or whether you want them to only be able to authenticate via SSO. Your selections on this page are saved automatically.

Please watch the video below for a summary of everything and reach out to our Support team, [email protected], for any additional assistance. Thank you!