QR Code Reader (iPhone / Android)

KPA EHS automatically assigns a QR code to employee profiles and equipment.

Once a QR code is printed, it can be scanned via any QR reader, including the KPA EHS app. The advantage of scanning a code within the app is that you will be automatically authorized to view protected content (e.g. you will not have to login again if you are already authorized).

When you are ready to scan a code, open the KPA EHS app and select “Code Scanner”.

Point the camera at the QR code and it will be automatically detected.

KPA EHS recommends that QR codes are printed on white, glossy material with a width and height of at least 1.5 inches. Keep in mind that older devices (especially Android) may not have a built in auto focus and may struggle to scan especially small codes.

NOTE: Stickers and ID Cards can exported to various templates for printing via the Equipment and Employee Search pages on the website.