Multi-Form Response Report

How-to video:

Setting up “Show in Filter” setting in Form

In able to use the “Form Filter” within the Multi-Form Response Report, you must first enable “Show in Filter” setting within the specific forms that you wish to filter data on.

Follow these steps to enable “Show in Filter” within the form:

Show in Filter is available for the following source types:

  • Line of Business
  • Field Office
  • Companies
  • Projects
  • All User Defined Datalists
  1. Navigate to Forms
  2. Click Edit on the specific form
  3. Click Edit on the specific select field
  4. Click Settings and toggle ON “Show in Filter”
  5. Once Show in Filter is toggled ON, this field will pull into the Multi-Form Response Report “Form Filtering”

**Please note that only one “Show in Filter” can be turned on per source per form. Example, if you have two Select Fields with the source as Project, only one of those two Select Fields can be enabled for Show in Filter

Generating the Multi-Form Response Report PDF:

  1. Navigate to the Analysis > Multi-Form Response Report
  2. Apply any filters you desire
  3. Toggle ON “Manual Selection” in the table list view
  4. Select one or multiple records using the multi select check boxes
  5. Click Export > Multi-Form Response Report PDF

** Please note: the report will begin to download in a new window. Please note that the PDF report can be quite large if mutliple responses were selected. Instead of waiting for the report to download on the screen, please consider entering you email address and the system will send the report when ready.