iPhone, iPad, and Android Apps (Video)

The following is a transcript of the video guide:

This is a demonstration and video guide for the KPA EHS iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.
It’s just a getting started guide of how to get it installed, how to sign in, and then how to use some of the basic features.
I’m going to start out.
I’ll show you my KPA EHS homepage on my computer desktop, but then also over here on the left I’m going to have my actual iPhone pulled up.

We’re going to start out from scratch in the App Store.
If you’re on iPhone or iPad you can use the normal Apple Apps Store, if you’re on Android you could go to the Google Play App Store.
Basically you would just go to Search and you would search for KPA EHS, and I will type that in, and then it pulls the app up right there.
I can click on it to view more information.

Then whenever I’m ready I can click download and that will download, it’s a free app, to your device.
Now that’s listed as an app on my home screen and so I’ll click on the KPA EHS app.
It’s going to ask if it can send me notifications and I will continue.
This is on an iPhone, but if you’re on an Android device all of these screens look exactly the same.

The functionality is the same so it really should be an identical experience in terms of signing in and even using the app.
I’m going to use the same username and password that I have within the website, and this was given to me by the administrator of my account, so I’m going to type in Demo/MWilson.
Yours will not have a Demo/ in it, it would just be your username or your email address.
Then I’m going to type in my password and then I’ll sign in.

It may ask you for an app code, it may not.
It probably won’t, but if it does ask you for an app code it’s just an additional piece of information to make sure that you are the right person.
To find that app code there’s a little What’s This button that explains it, but I will explain it right here as well.
On the KPA EHS website, if you sign in, and then you go to your– it’ll sign in and take you to your homepage.

If you go on the top right to your employee profile then you will see an app code listing show up at the very bottom right here.
I can see that my app code is zero, A, five, F, six, so I will switch back over to my phone and I will actually type in my app code, which is zero, A, F.

Five, F, six.
Then I will hit continue, and then this will actually sign me in and now I’m good to go and I’m actually connected to the website.
Now it’s going to ask if I want to enable notifications for the account that I just signed in as.
I do, so I’ll hit yes and I’ll hit continue.

Now if I go back to my homepage, or my profile, I can actually see that my device, my iPhone is attached to this account.
If the system needs to send a notification for an acknowledgement, or anything else, it actually has my iPhone right here that it can send it to.
I can actually even see that happen right there.
I can do a test right here and you can see right away it pulls up that notification at the top and then I can click on that and it takes me right into the KPA EHS app.

Now the website and your app are connected.
Now I’m going to go through the app, an overview of how it works.
There’s the My Profile link at the very top.
You can click on that and that’s a page that would be available even if you didn’t have an internet connection.

It shows your trainings and your credentials in case you need to verify that to somebody when you’re out in the field.
Below that is your reports.
The reports will list out the reports that you have on your account.
It probably will look different, it will be a different list than this right here, but I’ll show you what it looks like to fill out one of those reports real quick.

Even if I don’t have an internet connection this list of reports will be available to me.
What I can do is I’ll go through the report and right now I’m just picking from the different options they made available, answering the questions.
I may, for example, on this category right here, whenever I choose one it’s going to ask me another question about that category.
I’ll choose Working and then it’ll say okay, what working category?

You may have additional questions slide in depending on what your answer was previously.
Here I chose Bees and Stings as the working category.
I’ll keep going through here and answer the questions.
As I’m filling these out I may need to attach a photo to one of these answers or a video to explain, if that would really help show what was happening.

I may say, you know, if you saw a video of this, you would understand the severity better.
I could just click, well I didn’t show that very well.
The bubble that sits over here on the right next to each question, you can click on that and that’ll show this Attachments option.
I can click Add File and then I can actually just take a photo or choose one from my gallery or I can do a video.

I could snap a picture right there and I could attach it to this actual answer.
The other thing that I can do is I can say, you know, I’m not totally sure about this answer right here.
I’m going to forward that to someone else for them to take a look at and confirm.
I can choose who I am going to forward it to and then I can actually say, “Derrick Brown, “please confirm this.”

Then I’ll hit sign and now whenever I save this report it’ll actually send him a notification and have him confirm this information.
Those Follow Ups are also useful if you have an actual physical issue that needs to be resolved.
You say, you could assign it to somebody, and say hey this needs to be taken care of and then resolve it whenever it’s taken care of.
That makes it easy to see what work is outstanding right there.

As I go through this form I can also type in my answers, if I try to submit it without answering all the questions then it’ll actually show me an error message and turn those fields red.
Then I have to type in an actual answer right there.
Now I’m done with the form.
I hit submit.

It successfully saves it.
Even if I don’t have an internet connection, it would save it right there.
Then I can hit done and go back to this page.
I did have an internet connection so it submitted it to the website automatically, but if you don’t you can go down to this Pending Reports button at the very bottom and it would say one pending report, and then once you regained an internet connection it would actually go ahead and upload that data to the server.

That’s the reporting piece of things.
We also have the resources so you can look at PDF’s, and PowerPoints, and whatever safety, and other documents that you have sent to you by an administrator.
To view one you just click on it and then it’ll actually show you that PDF.
You can swipe through it and zoom on it.

Now that I’ve actually downloaded that, it shows a little check mark saying that that’s available.
Even if I didn’t have an internet connection in the future, that one would be available to me so that I could actually view that information offline.
Real quick, the other options, we have a code scanner, and this is just a QR Reader for employee profiles or equipment so you can quickly scan someone’s badge and view that information.
You can click on the website link and that just signs you in automatically to the KPA EHS website.

If you want to do something on there you can.
Then we have your alert settings.
You already enabled alerts, and we’ve gone through that already, but you could disable those from there.
Then in terms of signing in and out, on the top left there’s a button that’ll take you to your accounts that you’re signed in with.

If you wanted to sign out, you would just swipe that and then hit the x, and then that would go ahead and sign you out.
On the bottom right you can see that you could add a new account by just hitting that plus button.
That would take you into signing in for a new account if you needed to.
That’s a quick look at the KPA EHS apps.

The Android app, again, works exactly the same way.
If you have more questions, you may check out the other video guides on the KPA EHS homepage or in the help section of your KPA EHS website.