Integrating API with Third-Party Services

The KPA Flex API make it possible for you to move data between KPA Flex and a third-party system such as an HR system, BI tools, telemetry services, SAP, NetSuite, and more.

To be clear, an API is a programming interface that your organization’s IT group would use to connect the two systems. KPA Flex does not create custom connections into third party systems.

Moving Data in to KPA Flex

If your goal is to move 3rd-party data into KPA Flex then check out the How to Sync Your Employee List With KPA Flex article. It offers a full walk-through of loading data into KPA Flex.

Moving Data Out Of KPA Flex

If your goal is to move KPA Flex data into a 3rd-party system, check out the article on integrating KPA Flex with your business intelligence tools.

Still Have Questions?

Still have questions about the KPA Flex API? Send our support team a message & we’ll get you some quick info.