Integrating API with Third-Party Services

The KPA EHS API make it possible for you to move data between KPA EHS and a third-party system such as an HR system, BI tools, telemetry services, SAP, NetSuite, and more.

To be clear, an API is a programming interface that your organization’s IT group would use to connect the two systems. KPA EHS does not create custom connections into third party systems.

Moving Data in to KPA EHS

If your goal is to move 3rd-party data into KPA EHS then check out the How to Sync Your Employee List With KPA EHS article. It offers a full walk-through of loading data into KPA EHS .

Moving Data Out Of KPA EHS

If your goal is to move KPA EHS data into a 3rd-party system, check out the article on integrating KPA EHS with your business intelligence tools.

Still Have Questions?

Still have questions about the KPA EHS API? Send our support team a message & we’ll get you some quick info.

Want to Set Up a Call?

Here’s a few things you’ll want to do before setting up a call:

  • Identify what data you want to move between systems – for example, employee profiles, form responses, training completions, etc.
  • Identify which 3rd-party system you’ll be connecting – for example, an HR system, a BI tool, NetSuite, SAP, etc
  • Identify who will be writing the code to move the data – typically this is your IT group or a contractor, but in some cases the 3rd-party provider offers this service
  • Make sure that person has reviewed the API – the API Documentation includes a walk-through of how to access data, sample code, and even a sandbox environment. In most cases the documentation will answer all questions for your IT team.
  • Still need help? Send our support team a request to set up a call with KPA EHS developers. Be sure to include the questions the team will need to answer so we can make sure the right people are on the call. Calls can typically be set up within 5 business days.