Equipment Inspection Forms

This guide walks through the process of using a custom-designed Form for equipment inspections. This is a continuation of the Setting Up Equipment and Inspections guide.


Say you are using KPA Flex to track fire extinguisher inspections every year. By default, the inspection process is just choosing a date, adding notes, and attaching documents (optional).

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Let’s say that you would like more detailed information for this inspection. For example, having a rating for the condition of the extinguisher and a measurement of its pressure gauge. To do this, you will create a form within the Forms module.

Your Form can include any questions you like, but there is one requirement. You must have a required Select field where the source is set to Equipment. Here’s how we’ll make it:

  • Navigate to Forms > +New Form
  • Enter “Fire Extinguisher Inspection Report” for the name
  • Enter “This is the form used for fire extinguisher inspections every month.” for the description
  • Check the Hidden? box. We only want this form to be accessible when filling out an inspection for a fire extinguisher.
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Now add the required equipment field. As mentioned, this is the only field that you are required to have on an inspection form.

  • Press New Field > Select
    • Enter “Fire Extinguisher” for the title (it could be anything)
    • Check the Mandatory box
    • Click Settings and choose the Equipment source
    • Press Done
  • Now create a few quality rating checklists
  • We’ll call them “Condition” and “Pressure Gauge”
  • We’ll also add optional Notes and Attachments fields
  • Press “Save” to create your new form
  • For more information about building custom Forms, click here
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Now that you have created the “Fire Extinguisher Inspection Report”, we’ll setup the extinguishers in our system to use this for the inspection form.

  • Navigate to Equipment > Manage Types > Edit next to Fire Extinguisher
  • Click +Add in the Inspections
  • Name the Inspection and set the Schedule
  • Choose the Fire Extinguisher Monthly Inspection for the Form
  • Press Done then Save
  • Now when you view one of your extinguishers, you’ll see an “Inspect” button. Click it and the site will show your form and the “Fire Extinguisher” field will be pre-filled. Once you complete the form, the inspection will be attached to your equipment.
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It’s worth noting that when you use a custom form for an inspection, you get all of the standard analysis tools and even alerts for free. For example, you could review inspections from a high level by clicking Reports > Responses (next to Fire Extinguisher Monthly Inspection).

For more information about viewing and analyzing Form responses, click here.