Job Titles (Video)

The following is a transcript of the video guide:

This video guide is going to walk through Job Titles within the KPA EHS system.
I’m going to show you how job titles are created and managed and then how they’re used within the KPA EHS website.
I’m going to start out on my home page, and first I’m going to go into my employee profile, and I’m going to show you at the very top right there I don’t have a title assigned right now, and so since I’m an administrator, I’m able to go in and edit that, and I can choose that maybe I’m a Project Manager or whatever my title was right there.
The question is, where does this list of titles come from and how can you manage that?

I’ll go ahead and save changes right there.
Before I show you the list management, I can also show you that if you go into the employee’s list, you could search by Job Title.
You could say hey show me everybody that doesn’t have a job title assigned.
Well, everybody does.

Or I could say show me all the people that are a Project Consultant or a Project Coordinator, and then it would show you that.
That’s a way that that job title is used.
You could search for employees with a specific title.
As far as creating this list, you know, whenever you’re new to a KPA EHS application, you won’t have any in this list because you have to look at your organization and decide what this list should look like.

It’ll definitely be unique for each organization.
We will go into the Control Panel, and, again, since I’m an admin, I can see this.
There’s a Job Titles button over here, and if I click on Job Titles within the Control Panel, I can see all the job titles that I have loaded in this demo website.
If I want, I could go in and I could edit those, and basically that just means I can change what that title is within the system.

If I go back to that list page, I can also see how many employees are assigned to it, and then if a title is not used, then I can delete it.
If I want to delete say a Coordinator title, well first I need to make sure that no employees have that assigned as their title.
I would need to go reassign those employees.
If I need to create a new job title, that would be easy.

You would just go to Add a Job Title, you type in the name and you’d hit Save.
If you have a large number of job titles that you need to load in for a new website possibly, maybe 10 or 20 or so or more, you could do it through this Add a Job Title button, but another quick way, possibly quicker way of doing that would be using a spreadsheet to load the data in.
You would go into the Dataloads section, and I’m going to fly through this, but there’s another video guide called Dataloads that will walk you through this more in depth, but basically I’m going to click on the Job Title explanation here, and it’s going to show me what fields that I would need to have on my spreadsheet to be able to load Job Title in.
I would need to have a blank spreadsheet that had these three column names on the first row, and then the next rows would be my actual job titles.

Job title goes here, another one here, another one here.
I could even download an example spreadsheet and then just manipulate that and use that to load the job titles within the system.
Definitely check out the Dataload video guide for more information there.
That’s the process of, you know, searching for employees of a certain job title and editing those job titles within the system, but there are other ways that the Job Title is used.

One of the main ways would be the Training module would use that as well.
If you go into Edit Training, then you could look at, these are all the different trainings that we have within the system, and then I could click on Edit for one, so we’ll do Chemical Awareness.
Well right now, Chemical Awareness is required for all employees, and that makes sense in this case, but it’s possible for another training that it would only be required say for a certain job title or multiple job titles.
Perhaps Chemical Awareness should only be required for a Transporter and a Zone Manager and a Pump Manager and, you know, you could basically pick all of the different job titles that it would be required for, and it’s going to show you a description of who it’s going to be required for down here.

You hit Save, and then it would automatically make those requirements for those employees.
That’s a place within the system that those Job Titles are used along with the employee search page and the employee profile.
Hopefully that all makes sense.
Definitely check out the other video guides if you have more questions on some of the other pieces.