Notification Settings (Video)

The following is a transcript of the video guide:

This is a video guide to walk through the notifications for the KPA Flex application.
I’m going to go to the KPA Flex homepage, or my KPA Flex homepage, and at the top right, you can see a messages icon, and it shows that I have no unread messages from KPA Flex.
Then I can also view my employee profile right here.
I’m going to show you there’s a couple of different ways to get to your alert settings.

First I’ll go to my employee profile, and on the right I can see there’s an edit notification settings icon right there.
I could click that, and that’ll take me to edit my notification settings.
Also, the other way to get there is there’s this messages icon that I was showing you.
You can actually click on that, and that takes you to a listing of messages that have been sent to you in the past for KPA Flex.

You could click on one to view it.
Then you could go back to that page where you have the messages listed, and on the very right there’s another edit notification settings button.
That’ll also take you to edit your settings.
The first thing before I get into that, I want to show you on your profile, first of all, you have your email address assigned to your account.

When emails are sent to you, they’re sent to that address.
But then also, if you’ve signed in through the iPhone, iPad, or Android app and you scroll down on your employee profile, you’ll see these two areas where it shows your iPhone alerts status and your Android alerts status.
I haven’t installed the Android app on my device, so there are no devices associated right there, but I have signed in on my iPhone.
I can actually see that my iPhone is connected right now to my web profile.

If I wanted to, I could actually disable that and say no I don’t want the website to send me notifications on my iPhone, or I could actually click Test, and if I do that, it actually will send me a notification right away on my iPhone just to test and make sure that that’s working right.
If you have multiple devices associated, like an iPhone and an iPad, you could control which ones are receiving the alerts right here.
That’s how you associate your iPhone, or your Android, or your email address with these notifications.
I’ll go back up here to our notification settings button and I’ll show you what site wide notifications we have built in.

If you have admin access, then you’ll see most or all of these options right here.
If you have employee access or manager level, you may or may not see some of these notifications, and more of them will be coming as the site develops.
By default, when an acknowledgment is sent out to you, it’s automatically going to send you a notification on your iPhone, iPad, Android mobile devices, but you can also opt in and say I’d like to receive an email as well.
If you do that, then you’ll get an email whenever those are sent out.

We also have a weekly listing of upcoming employee anniversaries.
You could get those via email, or iPhone, or Android.
When a new hire graduates from the on-boarding process, you could get alerts for those things under the email, iPhone, or Android.
Again, that’s if you have access to view new hire evaluations and graduation information.

Normally, that would just be an admin role.
If someone assigns a follow-up to you, so they’re filling out a report and they say there’s an issue here, it needs to be resolved by you, then you could opt in and say I’d like to receive an alert on my iPhone, and then now if you have it set up that way, it’s going to ping you on your iPhone, you can swipe it, and you can actually reply and mark that follow-up resolved right there.
Then we have a whole other listing of notifications depending on the reports that you have in the system.
We’re going to go into that more on a different help guide, but just to show you a quick view of what that looks like, it’s going to list out all of the reports that you have access to view, and then basically you can set up different types of alerts depending on the reports coming in.

You could say, you know, I want all responses emailed to me, or I want it to ping me on my iPhone whenever the quality rating is poor for this audit form.
That’s a quick look at what it looks like to edit your notification settings for KPA Flex.
If you’re an admin, you can also view another employee’s profile, which I’ll do right here.
Then you may also have access to edit their notification settings.

Here I can click on Edit right here for Mark Wilson, and I can actually go and edit his settings on behalf of him.
I can make sure that follow-ups are being sent to his email, or his phone, or acknowledgments, and those things.
That’s it.
That’s a quick look at notifications.

If you want to know more about the report notifications, go to that video help guide.