Employee Profile (Video)

The following is a transcript of the video guide:

This is going to be a walkthrough of the employee profile section of the website, of the KPA EHS website.
I’m going to go to my homepage.
I’ve already signed in.
There’s a few different way you can look at profiles, through the system.

Throughout the site, when a report is filled out, you’ll be able to click on the person, the observer, and you can view their profile from there.
You can search for employee profiles up here.
If you have access within the system you can use the Employee Search page to actually search for employee profiles and click on their name.
all over the place you are going to have these ways of finding an employee and looking at their profile.

Of course you can look at your own by going to My Profile right here.
But, ultimately what you’re going to wind up as seeing is the Employee Profile page that looks like this.
Right now I’m viewing Mark Wilson’s profile.
As an administrator I can change basically everything on this page.

If you are the administrator of this site, you can choose what other people will have access to view and edit.
You can make it where they can only view some information but not edit it.
For example, you may let employees edit their own profile picture, but you may want to limit that to just an admin role.
Right here on the left we have the employee profile.

If you want to change their photo you would just click “Change Photo” and you would actually attach whatever photo that you wanted that to be right there and it would automatically upload it and crop it and make it look nice for you right there.
Then that’s going to show whenever tasks are assigned for this employee and be used throughout the system, basically.
On the right you can see the employee’s first and last name and if they are a driver, they’ll have a driver icon.
If they are a new hire, which means short service employee, then they would have that icon up there as well.

You have the ability to edit the information here by clicking “Edit” and again you have to have permission to be able to edit these things.
I’m going to cancel out of that and keep showing you more here.
You can print their employee profile by clicking “Print” right there, that will basically pull up a pdf and you’ll be able to print that.
Then you can see the certifications, which are basically trainings that they are up-to-date on that are considered certifications.

Right now I have, I can show that I have ACME Training and Chemical Awareness.
If I mouse over those, I can actually see when those were last completed right there.
Then general employee information: job title, employee number, email address.
If I’m an administrator, I can actually click to change an employees password.

If they are having trouble remembering their password or need to change it for some reason, I can change it right there for them.
They can also do that through “Forgot Password” link on the website.
I can view what role they are in they system, I can click on the question mark to actually see a breakdown of what that actually means.
This is an employee, that means they don’t have access to view certain information and edit certain information and view certain trainings and edit certain things.

Then I can see the Supervisor, Mentor, HSE.
If there’s a phone number attached, I can see those things in line right there.
I can click here to view those employee profiles.
Then if the person is a short service employee, they will have a short service employee date right here.

You can edit that by hitting “Edit” up here.
If you want to terminate them from the system, you would hit edit and choose a termination date for them.
Of course, cell phone and emergency contact.
That is the high level information.

I can also see whether this employee has open tasks.
I can see whether they’re doing what they need to be doing within the system, or what is outstanding for them.
Right now he has no open tasks so he’s doing a good job of staying on top of all of those tasks.
I have a QR code right here, this represents his employee profile, so if I scan that with an iPhone or Android app it would actually take me to view his employee profile right there.

But that QR code would also be something you’d want to put on a badge or sticker on his helmet.
Just to finish the left side over here.
If this employee has installed the iPhone app he would have his device listed here, or the Android app, his device would be listed here.
You can actually run tests to make sure that alerts are being sent from the website to his device and that that connection is setup correctly.

You can also enable or disable those alerts from that point right there.
Moving over to the right side of things.
Since I’m an admin in this system, I can actually see the on-boarding evaluations that have been done for this employee.
I can see that he has performed at a 93%, which is pretty good.

I can see a small breakdown of the reports that have been, or the evaluations that have been done for him and then I can click to view the details and I can see the full breakdown of all the questions and answers and who answered them and when they answered them, when they were evaluating this employee, Mark Wilson.
We’ll go back to his employee profile.
Then we have the Trainings section and this shows whether he’s out of date on any trainings.
If he was, there’d be a bright red number right here, that would show you how many he’s out of date on.

If I needed to mark a training complete, for example, if he just did Chemical Awareness, I can click “Add” right there and I can say, he completed that on the 19th.
I could attach certificates if I wanted to, and I can hit save and that would add that training as being complete for him.
I can view more information on the trainings by clicking right there and it’s going to take me to this page where I will see a full breakdown of what he’s active on, what’s expiring, what’s incomplete, and the full history of all of his trainings along with the certificates and other attachments right there.
Now I’ll go down to the next section, which is Acknowledgements.

These are the notifications that have been sent to him by an administrator.
I can see that he has been sent one recently and that it was acknowledged on the 24th, so he’s good to go there.
I can view a fuller breakdown if I click “View More” right there.
I can whether this employee has any subordinates or mentees.

That’s just a listing of the people he would be a supervisor over or mentor over.
He’s not over anybody, so they’re not listed.
Then what equipment is assigned to him.
I can see there is a body harness assigned to him and I can click to view that body harness.

Then I can also see whether that piece of equipment is up to date on the inspections.
Then finally at the very bottom of the employee profile I can view the latest reports this employee has submitted.
I can click “View Report” and that will actually show me the actual report that he filled out.
If I need to edit this employee’s notifications, I can go to “Edit Notification Settings” up here.

Otherwise this is just the page that holds all the information for a specific employee.
From here you can branch out and go into trainings or acknowledgements or equipment or whatever you need to.