Workflow Report

To view the status of completed or in-progress workflows you will access the Workflow Report. Here you can view where the workflow is in the process, initiate follow-ups, print reports and more.

View a completed or in-progress workflow

  • Use the page filters to find a specific workflow. You can filter by the following data:
    • Workflow Name
    • Original Form that initiated the workflow
    • When the form was last updated
    • Workflow Status – Completed, Stopped, Overdue, Open
    • Workflows that have open Follow Up’s
    • Workflows that have open requests
    • Original Observer
    • Current Responsible Party
  • Select Columns – Before searching for your workflow you can choose the columns of data that you would like displayed by clicking SELECT COLUMNS.
  • Transcript List – Clicking SEARCH will display a grid of workflows that match the search criteria. Here you can click to VIEW or DELETE a workflow that is in progress or complete.