Sending and Managing Acknowledgments (Video)

The following is a transcript of the video guide:

This guide is going to walk through the acknowledgments module of KPA EHS and show you what it looks like to send one and receive one and view the status on an acknowledgement.
Basically, acknowledgement is a big word for really just sending out an alert or a notification or a text message to the employees within your system.
For example, right here it’ll create an open task until that acknowledgement has been acknowledged.
I have one that’s open that I haven’t acknowledged yet, if I click on it, then I can view the message that was sent to me by an administrator, I can click to view the document that was attached to it and then I can click I acknowledge this.

I’m going to not acknowledge it yet and I’m going to show you what it looks like from the other end of things, the admin side.
Assuming you’re an administrator of the system, you’ll have a control panel link over here on the left, you can click that and then you’ll see an acknowledgemet button right over here on the right.
Then, if you click on that, you’ll go to a page that shows you the history of acknowledgements that have been sent in the system and so right now I can jump in and I can view the details for this one that was sent.
Then I can view that it was sent to 66 people, 62 people have acknowledged it and four haven’t.

I can see what was sent, when it was sent, who sent it.
Then if I scroll down, I can see all the people that did acknowledge it, I can see when they actually acknowledged it, but then I can see the people that haven’t listed right here.
I am one of the people that have not acknowledged this yet, and so, in fact, if I go to my employee profile by clicking right there and I scroll down to the bottom as an administrator, I can see he has one incomplete acknowledgement right there.
If I open it up, it’ll actually show me what that is.

That’s what it looks like when an acknowledgement is not complete.
If I go back to, let’s say, my homepage, and I complete that acknowledgement, and so I’ll click on it, I can view the attachment if I want to and then I’ll click I acknowledge this.
That task slides away, it shows me that the acknowledgement was saved.
Then now if I go back to my employee profile and scroll down to that section, there’s no more red right there.

This was now acknowledged on the 26th and it’s good to go right there.
Now, back to the admin page, if I go back to this page and reload it, I will see that now, Derrick Brown, who I’m logged in as, actually acknowledged it at 3:48 PM.
Not I can see that it was done and the completed acknowledgements goes up to 63 from 62.
That’s a way to review an acknowledgement after you’ve sent it.

The process of sending an acknowledgement is you go to the acknowledgements page within the control panel, just to show you that again.
It’s the control panel and then the acknowledgements button and then that takes you to your list and then you’ll have a send button on the top right.
You click that and then, basically, you can type a short message, it’s about the same as a Twitter message, 140 characters, so you want to keep it somewhat brief.
Then you can just say, “This is a test.”

Then I could attach documents if I wanted to or photos or videos.
I can choose who the acknowledgement is sent to.
By default, it’s going to send to everybody, but I could have it only sent to a certain field office if I wanted to.
Or I could choose a few field offices if I wanted to and say everybody that’s a manager within those field offices should receive it.

But once I’ve set up that list, it’s going to show me a quick view of how many employees that’s matching.
Right now it’s going to send to employees in Beeville or Oklahoma City and it matches 33 of them total.
I would hit send it now and then acknowledgement is sent to all of those employees and now I can actually immediately jump in and see that it was sent to 33 and no one’s acknowledged it yet, ’cause it just got sent out.
Then I can view the status there.

The other side of things is, by the way, this is the task that was just created by creating that acknowledgement.
If I click on it, I can read the message, hit I acknowledge this, it goes away.
Employees can also go into their employee profile or in their messages and they can do edit notification settings and then under the acknowledgements, they’re automatically going to get an alert on their iPhone app or Android app if they have that installed.
They can view the acknowledgement right there and swipe it to complete it.

But they could also get it on their email address if they’d like to so they could get an email sent to them whenever an acknowledgement is sent.
Then they can go to their history of unread messages or messages that were sent by KPA EHS and I can see that, yeah, I was just sent an acknowledgement that was, and the text was, “This is a test.”
I can see that was what would have been sent to my iPhone or Android and I can actually see the link that it would have taken me to, which is the homepage so I can complete that acknowledgement.
That’s a quick look at, covers the whole acknowledgement piece of the KPA EHS website.