Lesson Builder (Video)

The following is a transcript of the video guide:

This video’s going to walk through the lesson builder module of KPA EHS.
Basically talk through the process of building a lesson, associating it with the training, and allowing employees to be able to actually complete that lesson online and have it mark as a completed training for them.
I’m going to start out by going to the home page of KPA EHS.
I’ve created a new training that’s required for me.

It is called trampoline safety.
If I go to my employee profile, and I scroll down to the bottom, I can see that there’s an incomplete training and it’s trampoline safety.
I don’t have a learn option next to it, that means I haven’t built a lesson that makes it possible to complete this online.
For example, the ladder safety training does.

I can hit learn right there, I can go complete the training and it would mark as a completion for me.
But trampoline safety, I don’t.
The only way to complete it is outside of the system, and then an administrator comes in and says, okay, yes this person completed it, marks the date, uploads the certificate, that type of thing.
I’m going to go back to my home page.

If I click on that training that needs to be done, there’s no lesson, so it can’t take me to the lesson.
All it can say is, hey it’s required, you need to do it, you basically need to talk to your supervisor or whoever about getting that training complete.
now I’m going to take you through the actual process of building a lesson that lets you satisfy this trampoline safety.
Then making it where you can click here and actually take the lesson.

As an administrator I have a control panel option, over here.
If I scroll down to the bottom, I can see a lesson builder.
That’s where we’re going to actually build our trampoline safety lesson.
I will create new, to create a new lesson right here.

We’ll call it trampoline safety.
This is the trampoline safety lesson, whatever.
You can describe the modules that people are going to be going through right here, the videos they’ll be watching, just an overview of the lesson that you’re building.
Next I have the ability to add a module.

I can have a video module that would play video, a document, and so I could upload a PowerPoint presentation, or a PDF that they could look through, text would be just, I could type in some information for them to read, and then a quiz.
You can create as many of these modules as you want or you can skip out and not have a video, or not have a PDF or whatever.
I’ll take you through each one and show you how it works.
First, I’ll start out with a text module.

I’ll call it a Note from the Supervisor.
This is, we’re just going to type in a note and say please pay attention to the video and the PDF, whatever.
Then, if I want to I can make sure that they read this by entering a minimum number of seconds that they have to view this for it to be complete.
Right now, I’m not really worried about them, going through this whole thing, so I’m going to leave that as zero.

Which means there’s not a minimum, as long as they click on it and look at it, they can keep going through it without there being a minimum amount of time.
next I’m going to do a document.
Basically here, you can upload all different types of documents.
I’m going to choose a document from my computer and its going to be called the trampoline safety guide.

Then I will just call this module the safety guide.
Then I can set a minimum number of seconds here, that might make more sense here, but I’ll skip for now.
Then, now I’m going to do a video.
You know, they’ve read my message, they’ve looked at the PDF, now its time for them to watch a video.

We’ll call it safety video.
If I wanted, I could enter a number of seconds, I won’t do that.
But I’m actually going to go to Youtube and I have a video pulled up already, that they would be able to watch.
Here’s a video.

[In video] And even I’m supervised by my coach or parents, at all times.
This is our trampoline safety video and what I’m going to do is go to the top of the page, I’m going to hit copy on that URL for the Youtube video, I’m going to go back here and I’m going to paste that in.
Then it’s immediately going to see that this is a trampoline safety video from Youtube, its 121 seconds long.
If I wanna require them to watch the whole thing, then I can type in 121 right there and make them watch it all.

Then I could add a quiz if I wanted to.
with the quiz module, I’m going to go ahead and click and add that and say, we’ll just call this quiz.
There’s not a minimum amount of time here because they have to actually answer these questions right.
Like here you just write whatever questions you want.

I’ll just make something up.
You should jump off the trampoline instead of climbing off.
That would be a true or false question.
I’m going to add two answers, and we’ll have true, as one answer and then, false as the other one.

Of course, the correct answer here is false.
I will click to make false the correct answer and now its highlighted in green.
Then I can explain why this is the correct answer.
I can say, jumping off could break your leg, or whatever and then I can add more questions.

I could add question number two and I could add multiple answers, or I could have instead of just true and false, I could have four or five answers that they’re choosing from and only one of them is correct.
I’m going to delete that question, you get an idea of what it looks like to answer these questions, you can move the questions up and down, over here or delete them by this menu on the right side.
You can actually move the modules up and down over here.
I could say, you know I really want that video to be second, so I’ll move it up, right there.

Then, now we have our note, and then our video, and then our PDF, and then our quiz.
Now I’ve built this whole thing from scratch.
I should mention that, with the Youtube video, that means that you would need to have your own Youtube account, probably for your company, and you’d need to upload the video there and then it will stream from Youtube and then you can make those videos public, where everyone, anyone could get access to ’em, unlisted, which means they’re up there but unless people have a link, that they wouldn’t be able to get to the video, or you can actually make it private and then only, you know, people within KPA EHS or people that you give direct access to would be able to see the video.
Those permissions are controlled through Youtube but basically once you have that done, you would just copy that link and paste it in right there.

I’m going to save our new lesson that we just created.
Now you can see we have our trampoline safety lesson, down here.
There’s still one more piece that needs to be done.
On the training piece of the website, the website needs to know which lesson would mark a training complete.

For example, if I go down into my tramponline safety training.
I need to go and say the trampoline safety lesson is the one that people can take to complete this online.
Once I save that, and I go back to my homepage.
Now, if I click on trampoline safety needs to be complete, it’ll actually take me into that new lesson that we just built.

Just to see the other side of things, once that lesson is built.
They just click through it, you know, they see the text that you wrote, they can view the safety video that we had linked to, through Youtube.
[In video] Hi, I’m Blake Audrey and I’ve spent my whole life having fun.
Then we’ll go to the PDF document that we uploaded, And this is just a sample PDF.

Then we see our quiz that we did and you should jump off the trampoline instead of climb.
We’ll say true and save that, well that’s wrong, it shows us our description of what the correct answer is, jumping off could break your leg.
We’ll hit false, or we’ll hit continue, now we get to re-answer it and then now we’re good to go, we’ve completed the quiz, we’ve completed the training, we can actually view a certificate now to see that we’ve completed it.
How much time we spent on it and all that.

Then if we go back to our homepage, that training is complete.
We can view the certificate in the employee profile.
That’s a look at building a training online or a lesson online.
You can certainly use whatever information, videos, PDFs, Power Points that you want to build those up and make it where your employees can complete those on their own time.