Homepage and Task List (Video)

The following is a transcript of the video guide:

This is a video guide for the KPA EHS homepage and task list for a few different employees.
The first thing that I am going to go through is the employee homepage and so this would be a person that has somewhat limited access to the system.
They can basically submit reports, view some resources, view their employee profile.

You can see over here on your left you have your main menu of options.
Whatever you have access to would show up here.
By default that would be a list of reports that you can fill out and then resources, like pdf’s and other things that you can download and then you have an open task list.
Right now there is no open task for this employee so, all tasks are complete nothing needs to be done and then you have the reports that you can fill out are also listed down here at the bottom.

On the top right you can see you have your unread messages from the KPA EHS system and then you have your employee profile and you can view the details of you profile there or you can click to sign out.
On the top left you can see a menu button that lets you if you need more screen real estate you can click that and that will slide that menu out so you will have more space.
That’s a quick look at the employee homepage and so now I am going to go to the Admin Homepage and it’s going to look very similar but, it’s going to have a few more options and some graphs and things.
I will sign out and I will sign in as a person that is an admin of the system and then once I sign in I see a similar homepage but, now with the tasks list I have a few open tasks lists right here.

I have more options on the left and then I have some reports that I can look at and some high level analysis of those things.
The way the tasks lists works is when KPA EHS assigns you a task and it could be if you need to complete training, if you need to do an employee evaluation if you have an acknowledgement that you need to go look at, equipment that needs to be inspected.
There’s a lot of things that trigger these tasks.
They would all show up right here and then you could click on it to actually go and complete that task.

With this acknowledgement I can click on the acknowledgement.
It shows me the information I can click on the attachment.
I can click I acknowledge this.
That attachment goes away from my list and then now I have only three open tasks.

For admins you would have a quick look at some of the reports that you can view.
That you have permission to view.
Here I have permission to view the observation report and the near miss reports that are coming in.
I see high level information about that.

Soon this homepage will have some different widgets that you can drop and add and move around and choose what data that you are looking at.
It will be more configurable.
But, for now basically it shows the reports that are coming into the system for the last month and so you can see how many today and then how many for this month.
Then all of the charts and graphs and bar graphs and maps and everything are for data that has come in for the last month.

Over here I have more menu options.
I can look at employee profiles, training information, equipment, and more.
Then in the top right, since I have access to view the list of employees I can actually search for employees here.
I can click to view their employee profile.

Then again I can view my own employee profile and I can sign out right there.
That’s a quick look at the homepage and the tasks list for KPA EHS.
If you have more questions you can look at the other video guides on www.kpaehs.com or you can search on the video guide homepage for other information.