Completing a Lesson (Video)

The following is a transcript of the video guide:

This is going to be an overview of what the process is for Completing a Lesson on KPA EHS.
I’m going to start out by going to my home page, and you can see, I have a few open tasks, but one of them is the Ladder Safety, which is a training, needs to be completed.
Now, if the training did not have a learn online option, I would click on it, and it would say, you need to complete it.
You would complete it, your supervisor would have it marked complete.

But this does, so I can click on it, and I can actually go in and complete the lesson online.
In the same way, I can go to my Employee Profile and scroll down, I can see that that training is incomplete, and I can see that next to it, Ladder Safety, there’s a Learn Option.
Here I could also click, and it would take me to go complete the training online.
I’m going to go back to my home page, and we’ll click that task and show you what that looks like.

I click on it, and it’s going to take me into the Ladder Safety lesson.
Whenever I complete this, it’ll mark that training complete.
I’ll go through here, I’ll read the description of the lesson that I’m about to do, click Begin Training, and it’s going to walk me through the different modules.
Now, depending on what your training is, you may have more or less modules, and you’ll have different ones, for sure.

But here’s a text module where they’ve, just, , written a message that you need to read.
Here’s a training video.
You can view this video, you know, full screen, and it can be set up where you have to watch the entire video to be able to actually complete the training.
Right now, I’ll go ahead and go past it, into the next one, which is the Employee Handbook, and that’s just a PDF that’s been uploaded by an administrator.

I could read through this PDF.
Then, I’ll continue on to the next module, which is a Quiz.
The way the Quiz is designed is, it’s going to ask you multiple choice questions, and if you get it wrong, so I’ll go ahead and get this one wrong, it’s going to tell you what the correct answer was, why your answer was incorrect, and then it’s going to go through the rest of the questions on the quiz.
Once you’re done with those questions, it’s going to come back and re-ask you any questions that you’ve gotten wrong, and it will keep asking you those questions until you get ’em correct.

It also may change the order of the answers right here.
Here, it moved False to be the first answer and True to be the second, so that people can’t memorize A and B, and that thing.
You actually have to read the question and read the answer, to make sure you get it right.
I’ll go ahead and get it right this time.

Now, I’ve got that answer complete.
It’s the only question on the quiz, so I’m done with the quiz.
Now, I’m actually done with the whole lesson.
I’ll hit Submit Results.

Then, now I can see that it’s been completed.
I can actually open up this certificate in a new window, and see that I have a Certificate of Completion with my company logo.
It’s going to say what I completed, when I completed it, how long I spent on it, and then whether I got questions wrong or not.
It can show that I had to retry that question number one.

If I go to my Employee Profile, I can see, or first of all, I can see that that task is gone now, from the task list.
If I go to my Employee Profile, I can see that that training is no longer incomplete.
If I open it up, I can see when it was completed, and if I view the details, I can go to Ladder Safety, click on there, and I can actually view that certificate that was generated automatically.
That’s a quick look of what it looks like to go through a training, or to actually complete a lesson online through the KPA EHS system.