Report Notifications (Video)

The following is a transcript of the video guide:

This is going to be a overview of the report notifications that you can get through the KPA EHS system, and it’s going to talk about how you can subscribe to get notified when a report is filled out on your iPhone or Android app or through your email address.
I’m going to start out by going to our homepage, and you’ve probably seen it in the other video guide possibly, but you can view the messages that KPA EHS has sent you by clicking on this envelope icon at the top.
This shows you previous messages, and then you can edit your notification settings but with this icon on the right.
There’s also an option if you go to your employee profile by clicking the menu and my profile, then you can see this edit notification settings button over here as well.

Those both take you to the same place.
Before I get into that I just want to make sure you’re aware whenever KPA EHS sends you an email, your email address is listed right here, this is where it sends it to.
You wanna make sure that’s there and correct.
Then if it’s going to send you an alert on your iPhone or your Android or iPad, then you can go down to this section and it shows you how it’s going to connect with you.

If you haven’t installed the iPhone app or Android app, then it would not show an app right here.
For example I have not installed the Android app for this account, so it’s not going to send any alerts to my Android device.
Here it does list my iPhone, and so I’m actually able to disable my alerts right here if I wanted to, or I could go ahead and re-enable them if I wanted to.
Right now I have it disabled, and then I’ll click to re-enable it, so you can see what that looks like.

Also if I want to test and make sure that it’s working, I can hit the test button and it will send me an alert, and then that’ll show up on my iPhone to make sure that it’s working right.
You can see on my watch it just popped up that alert that was sent to me and proves that it’s actually connected to my device.
If you’re subscribing to alerts like email or iPhone, this is where you can make sure that all that is set up right.
To our notification settings.

The other video guide talks through the general site notifications, so I’ll skip that for now and we’ll go straight into the report notifications.
Here it’s going to list all of the reports that I have access to view responses for.
Anytime a report is filled out, I’m able to view, according to the permissions granted to me by the administrator, I’m able to view the audit reports and the incidents and near miss and observations and even new hire evaluations.
For any of these reports that I have access to view, I have access to get alerts on them as well.

For example, I’ll skip the audit form ’cause that’s a custom report that we just built, but for the incident report and it looks like the near miss report, any time these are filled out I’m getting them sent to me via email.
That’s what I had set up.
But I could also say, you know, that’s great, but I’d also like it to send me an alert on my iPhone any time a near miss report is filled out with a severity of critical or high.
Now, I can hit save right there, and I’ll always get pinged on my iPhone whenever the severity for a near miss report is set to high or critical.

You can actually build some pretty complicated notifications.
You could say, you know, for a specific company that we’re working for, I’m going to hit continue, so if it’s for the company Chesapeake and the severity is high or critical, then I’ll hit save right there, and then now any time a near miss report is filled out it’s going to send me an alert on my iPhone if the company was Chesapeake Energy and the severity was high or critical.
I could hit save right there and then that’s another situation where we’re going to get that alert.
Then on my phone it’s going to ping me, I can swipe it, it will take me right into view that report right there.

The near miss report’s a boilerplate form that we had built into the system automatically, but in a different demo, we’ve walked through the process of building your own form or report from scratch, for example this audit form.
I can show you what that looks like.
The audit form that we had created has a quality rating of poor and average and excellent, and we came up with those completely on our own.
What you can do, those notifications let you subscribe to audits that were filled out even according to those questions that you offered.

I could say I’d like to be emailed any time an audit is filled out and the quality is set to poor.
I’ll hit continue and save right there.
I built this form from scratch, but I can say that any time that the quality rating is set to poor and someone fills that out I’m going to get an email about it.
It’s pretty powerful in terms of picking and choosing what data you want to subscribe to.

That’s a quick overview and rundown of what it looks like to set up notifications for reports.
Like the other notifications, you could search for an employee, and if you have permission within the system you can go to that employee’s notification settings, and then if he had or she had access to view reports, you would have a edit button down here, we could click that and you could actually edit the settings for this other employee.
You can do it on behalf of other people as well if you’d like to.
That’s about it.

That’s a look at the notifications.
Definitely check out the other video guides if you have more questions.