Adding a Training

Setting Up Training Requirements


With the KPA EHS Training module, you can:

  • Define your own custom training with intervals
  • Track completions (along with certificates or other documents)
  • Assign open-tasks to individual employees for incomplete training
  • Complete training as a group
  • Upload historic training completions
  • Run completion reports


Here’s how to define a training within your KPA EHS application:

  • Navigate to the “Training” menu button > Click “Edit Trainings” > Click “+Add a Training”


  • Title – the name of the training
  • Highlighted On Profile – Select “Yes” if this training is a certification that should be highlighted in green at the top of the employee’s profile (if completed).
  • Learn Online – If you have designed a “Lesson” within the “Lesson Builder” module, you can select it here. If a lesson is not selected, the open task will show an alert “this training needs to be completed”. If a lesson is selected, the open task will forward the employee directly to the lesson. Once the lesson is complete, the training will be automatically marked as complete. Learn More
  • Attachment in App? – Select “Yes” to include training attachments within the “My Profile” page of the app.
  • Course ID – Optional Course ID, can be used to match ID with ISNetWorld.
  • Folder – Select the folder within the Trainings list to save this topic.
  • Notes – Optional additional notes about the training topic.
  • Instructions – Shown when an employee clicks a training task.
  • Certificate Text – When a PDF certificate is generated for this training, you can enter text that will be shown at the bottom of that certificate.
  • Signature Required – Select “Yes” if online training will require a signature at the end of the lesson.  If a training is otherwise marked complete, the employee will receive a task requiring a signature.


  • There are two ways to schedule training in KPA EHS –
    Rolling and Window.
  • With a “Rolling” schedule, a training will expire exactly one year (or month, etc.) after the training was completed.  You can set the renewal period to 1 year, 2 years, 6 months, etc.
  • The “Window” schedule allows you to setup a window of time each year that a training is completed.  This is for annual trainings only.  Employees are considered up to date if they completed it the last time training was offered.  
  • Learn More: Window-based Training Schedules


  • There are three ways to assign training in KPA EHS – Everyone, None, and Limited.
    • Everyone – Select this option if the training topic will be required for ALL employees.
    • None – Select this option if the training topic is not required for any employee.  This could be used to keep track of training completion for a topic, but is Optional for an employee to complete.
    • Limited – Select this option to assign the training to a group of employees based on certain conditions, like a Job Title, Location, or Line of Business.  This can also be used to assign the training to a list of specific individuals.
  • NOTE: At the bottom of this section, you will see how many employees matches these conditions.
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  • Sometimes one training will also count for other trainings. If that is the case, select all other trainings that are included.
  • For example, a “New Hire Orientation” may include training for “PPE Training” and “Ladder Safety Training”. In that case, both “PPE Training” and “Ladder Safety Training” should both be checked within the “New Hire Orientation”.  Then when an employee completes the “New Hire Orientation”, it will also satisfy the other two trainings as well.
  • Click “Save Changes” to complete the creation of the new Training Topic.


You can also create training via the dataload module. 
Learn More


Once you have saved your new training, employee open-tasks lists will automatically reflect the new requirements (if applicable). There is no need to send out or create tasks for these employees, the system automatically takes care of it.


Visit the 
Marking Training Complete help page for more information.