On September 15th, 2021 iScout was renamed to KPA EHS.

If web access is filtered, please whitelist


iScout also uses a few 3rd party services including:
player.vimeo.com (Training Videos)
www.youtube.com (Training Videos)
docs.google.com (PDF Previews)
maps.googleapis.com (Google Maps)

For email notifications, please whitelist


iScout system emails come from [email protected] and are DKIM / SPF signed. Support tickets, feature release, and other notifications will come from other *@kpaehs.com addresses.

KPA EHS sends email from the following IP addresses:


Name Change F.A.Q.

As an iScout admin, what do I need to do?
Send your IT group a link to this web page.

iScout will use banners and redirects to naturally guide users toward the new domain. At most, you may want to let them know a change is coming.
As an IT person, what do I need to do?
  • whitelist *.kpaehs.com and *@kpaehs.com (if you use whitelisting)
  • update api calls to use api.kpaehs.com
  • if your SSO provider has a setting that links to iscout.com, change it to kpaehs.com
What is the timeline for renaming iscout.com to kpaehs.com?
  • July 26, 2021 • [company].kpaehs.com launched (groups can begin using it at any time)
  • September 1, 2021 • [company].iscout.com pages show a banner linking them to the new url
  • September 15, 2021 • iOS / Android app updates (with new name/logo)
  • September 15, 2021 • [company].iscout.com links auto redirect to the kpaehs.com equivalent
  • November 2021 • [company].iscout.com shows a landing page with a link to the kpaehs.com equivalent
Will all my employees have to re-login?
No, employees should not need to re-login to the website or the app (when it updates). If you log in/out of one site, it will automatically update the other.
When should we remove iscout.com whitelists?
You can remove the @iscout.com email whitelist on September 15th. You should leave the *.iscout.com web whitelist for some time since employees may have old emails/bookmarks that use the old domain name.
Old emails, PDFs, bookmarks, etc may link to iscout.com. Those links will automatically redirect to kpaehs.com but you may need to keep iscout.com whitelisted to allow the redirect.

*@iscout.com email addresses are no longer in use, so those whitelists may be removed.
When will the API/SFTP start using the new domain name?
Both are available now. The api.iscout.com and dataload.iscout.com domain names will work at least through 2021, but we recommend updating them to kpaehs.com soon since they won't exist forever.
We use MDM. Will the iOS or Android app ids change?
No, the app store ids will not change. These will be regular updates through the standard release process.
We use SSO. Anything special need to change there?
In some cases, those using SSO may need to change their post-login redirect to the new kpaehs.com domain.

Have More Questions?

Visit the Security & Backups FAQ Page or contact our support team with any specific questions.