Construction EHS Management Software

KPA EHS is an EHS management system designed for general contractors, sub-contractors, and other vendors.

Construction and Safety

Whether you are a general contractor trying to manage endless stakeholders or a sub-contractor trying to provide quality work efficiently, it's easy for safety management to take the back seat from countless priorities. Furthermore, projects and job sites have high turn over, language barriers, and paperwork that is hard to manage on the go.

KPA EHS’s health and safety software is designed to mold itself to your safety programs and priorities - eliminating wasted efforts and bringing high-priority items to your attention without having to dig.


KPA EHS’s reporting offers a library of pre-built forms, or you can create your own form in minutes. Near Miss Reports, Incident Reports, and JSAs are all par for the course or create your own inspections and audits for your team to fill out in the field. Bad internet service is no problem, as the KPA EHS app will wait until connectivity is available to upload reports, images, videos, etc. Automated alerts can notify you of important issues, and make sure the right people are notified if something goes wrong.

Your team can assign follow-ups to make sure nothing is forgotten. Intuitive analytics allow you to measure participation reports and compile the data necessary to make actionable changes. Demonstrate improvements to metrics like your TRIR by measuring the rate of incident reports.

“We spent too many years falling in and out of equipment maintenance processes. KPA EHS has given us a sustainable maintenance program that can be confirmed at a glance at your phone or computer.”
Capital Precast
Capital Precast Inc. [1]

KPA EHS is Multilingual

With the click of a button, each employee’s profile can be set to English, Spanish, or any of the other 100+ languages currently supported. Online forms, training, inspections, and all other components of the application can be set to translate into the employee’s preferred language.


Computer based trainings allow you to share trainings through the mobile app. Track completion rates and quiz scores, and know when employees are nearing their expiration date. Each employee is assigned an open-task list so they know what's expected and can complete it in just a few clicks.


Custom acknowledgments eliminate the need for word of mouth updates that certain employees may miss. Send acknowledgements straight through the application and measure the sign-off rate, eliminating potential missed communications and reducing the need for meetings.

Equipment, Assets, and Inspections

KPA EHS simplifies asset management and inspections. Log inspections and schedule your equipment for annual, monthly, or custom inspection period. Inspections can be completed through a customizable form on the mobile app.

Whether it’s tracking paper, managing excel sheets, or communicating important announcements to the workforce, KPA EHS eliminates many points of friction in the health and safety process. Check out our extensive features, or get in touch to schedule a free demo today!

“We can’t imagine being able to provide quality customer service, create driver protection and accountability, and ensure safe and efficient deliveries without this easy-to-use program.”
Commercial Brick
Commercial Brick Corporation [1]

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KPA EHS in 60 Seconds

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10 Minute Walk-through

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