Training Overview (Video)

The following is a transcript of the video guide:

This is a training overview of the KPA EHS website.
It is talking through the training module for KPA EHS.
How you keep track of what employees are up-to-date on certain trainings, how they can go through the process of doing the training online, marking completions and so on.
I’m going to start out by going to an employee profile through KPA EHS.

I’ll actually just look up an employee right here.
Then as an administrator, I can actually see the training information about him.
I think managers can as well, but that’s up to you to control what they can and cannot see.
But as I’m viewing this person, Mark Wilson, I can scroll down and see the in training section, immediately I’m aware that he has two incomplete or expired trainings.

That means maybe it is a training that needs to be done every year and he is not up-to-date on it or maybe he’s never done it.
I can expand that to view it a little bit more.
Sure enough, I can see he’s never completed the ACME training, which is one we created for this demo company, and then also another safety training.
What I can do, there’s a lot of different ways to view and edit this information.

I could go ahead and say, we had a training session yesterday and Mark completed safety training.
I’m going to hit Add right here and I’m going to choose yesterday, I’m going to attach a certificate or whatever I need to if I want to.
I could hit Save, and then that would be the end of it.
It would be complete.

I can also click on the View More button, or the Details button.
Those will take us to the same place.
I can view a fuller breakdown of the history and this current status of Mark Wilson’s training.
Again I see he’s up-to-date on six, none of them are about to expire but two have completely expired and he’s exempt from one.

If I go down this list, these are the trainings that have been basically assigned to him that he is required to do, according to what field office he is in, or possibly what job title he has, or whether he is a driver.
There’s a lot of things that can cause you to have a required training.
We’ll go through that in a different video.
But definitely check out the KPA EHS help guides to see how to edit some of this in a more advanced way.

But for this overview, I’m going to just show you, again, you could mark one of these exempt if you want to, if for some reason he was exempt from it, like he is right here, or I could go ahead and mark it complete here as well.
I could say, all right, again, he completed it yesterday.
We’re not going to attach any files or anything.
I’m going to hit Save, and then now that training is marked complete and I can see in the Safety Training right here, that it was marked complete, there’s no attachments.

Now he’s only got one that is incomplete.
That is one way to mark a training complete for an employee.
The other one is if it’s you the employee that needs to complete a training, for example if I go to my homepage, I can see I need to do Ladder Safety.
In fact, if I go to my profile, I’ll see a red one right there meaning I have a training that needs to be done and it’s Ladder Safety.

Well, over here on the right, I see a Learn button.
I actually have the option to go through this training through the website, and that means an administrator has gone through the Control Panel and actually designed a lesson, with videos and other modules, where I can actually go through and complete that training.
I’ll go back to my homepage.
I’ve got this task here, I can complete it online, so I’ll just click on it and it actually takes me straight into that lesson.

I can go through, I read the overview information, the notes, I can see the videos.
Administrators can make you watch the whole video if they want to.
There’s PDFs that they can attach, a quiz that you go to and so on.
Once you’ve completed the training, it would actually mark it complete on the website.

The third way that you could mark your training complete for employees would be in the Control Panel, you can see the trainings right here, or there’s this Training link on the left, and you can actually have a group training.
With a group training, you could actually say, all right, we’re sitting here and we are doing Safety Training, and it is with this instructor.
I could type notes if I wanted to, I could attach documents of what we were going over, and then when I hit Continue, now I am able to basically build up a roster of people that are sitting here with me.
I can say their username or their email address, and I type it in and then whenever I hit Done, it actually adds that employee as being part of this roster right here.

A really cool feature that we have, on employee profiles, you’ll see this QR code.
These can be made into stickers or even ID cards, oops, I didn’t show it to you, stickers or ID cards that would have an employee’s picture and the QR code, and then we actually have the capability where you can scan this through the iPhone, the KPA EHS iPhone, iPad or Android app, and then you could actually go through and scan employees’ QR codes and just scan, scan, scan, scan, and immediately log all those employees as being part of this training.
It’s a faster way to quickly, if you have 20 people in a group training, to mark them all as being there.
Once you hit done, as the trainer, the person entering this, we have you login additionally just to make sure that you are authorizing that these people were part of this training and that someone didn’t grab the iPad and bounced through the training too quickly or whatever, and then you hit OK, and then now, whoever was at that training would have a completion marked on their employee profile.

That’s what it looks like to mark a training complete as an overview.
There are ways to look up the status.
We’ve shown you that for the employee profile, but you could also say, I’d like to know the status of a specific training, for example, or Safety Training.
I could hit Search, and I can see, all right, there’s nobody that got an incompletion or expiration on that.

Everybody is good to go, they’re all active.
That training is good to go.
I could also go back to that page and instead of searching by training, I could search by group of people and say, I’d like to see everybody in Oklahoma City.
How are they doing?

Well, it looks like 15 of them are up-to-date on their trainings, but two of them are out of date, and they need to complete.
One of them, Ladder Safety, and the other one is this ACME training.
That’ll give you an idea of what trainings are outstanding for those people.
There’s a lot more built into the system in terms of managing trainings and completions and building lessons and all that, but that’s a quick overview of what the capabilities are within the KPA EHS system for the training.

Definitely check out the other video guides for more information.