Managing Resources

KPA EHS allows you to upload documents like PDFs so that employees are able to access and download them. For example, an organization may upload orientation materials, safety procedures, manuals, etc. You can group these resources into categories and the site automatically keeps a revision history.

Here is how it might look for an employee to view resources via the website:

Resources are also shown within the app. 
Learn more about viewing resources within the app.

Creating a Category

Before you upload resources, you will need to create at least one category. For example, it is common to have categories like: Operational Procedures or Health & Safety.

  • Click the “Control Panel” menu button
  • Click “Resources”
  • Click “Categories” > “Add Category”
  • Enter the title (e.g. Operational Procedures)
  • Set visibility to “Everyone” – If you’d like, you can limit which roles are able to see resources in this category.
  • Press “Save”
  • Repeat this to create another category – “Health & Safety”
  • NOTE: On the “Categories” page you can drag-and-drop the categories to change their order.


Uploading a Resource

Now that you have a few categories, it’s time to upload a resource.

  • Title – the name of the resource. We’ll type “Company Orientation”
  • Category – choose one of the categories (e.g. Operational Procedures)
  • Offline? – leave this on “No”. If set to “Yes” then the resource will automatically downloaded (via WiFi) when an employee signs in to the app. This should only be used for emergency-type resources and only on resources that have a small file-size since it uses space on the employee’s device.
  • File – attach your actual file. PDFs are best but some other types are allowed.
  • Version – the revision number (e.g. 1.0)
  • Date – the date of the revision
  • Description of Changes – describe what changed since the last version


Uploading Multiple Resources At Once

If you have a large number of resources to upload, you can quickly upload them all at once.

  • Click the “Control Panel” menu button
  • Click “Resources” > “Multi”
  • Choose the Category where all these resources should be loaded
  • Drag and drop your files into the drop-zone
  • Correct any resource names
  • Press “Save”
  • Now you can drag-and-drop the resources to change their order


Revision Log

The revision log shows the entire change log of all your resources. You can access it by pressing the “Log” button from the resource list screen: