How To Log In (iPhone & Android)

Once you have 
installed the app, press the KPA EHS icon to open the app.

Your safety administrator should have provided you with login information including a link, username, and password.

NOTE: If you don’t know your login information, you should contact the KPA EHS administrator for your company. They can reset your password. If you have an email address on file, then you can also use the “Forgot Password” link to select a new password.

Here is the login information I will use for the example below:

Username: dbrown
Password: sandboxhat

Username & Password

Enter your username and password, then press “Sign In”.


In some cases, you may be asked for your KPA EHS Domain. You can find this within the login link that you were provided. For example, if your login link is https:// then your domain is acme. If you are already familiar with the KPA EHS website, then you can also view the domain listed at the bottom of your employee profile on the website.

Registration / New Password

If you haven’t yet registered, the app will ask you to select a new password. This ensures that other employees are not able to guess your login information.

Choose a new password that no one else could guess, then press Continue. 

Welcome Screen

On the welcome screen, you can choose whether to send notifications for the account to this device. Choose “Yes” unless you have a good reason not to.

Complete Login Walkthrough

For your convenience, here is a walk-through of the entire login process:

Congratulations, You’re In!

You should now see your home screen with buttons like:

  • Task List – Lists your number of open tasks. Click to view and complete those tasks.
  • My Profile – View your employee profile
  • Reports – Fill out and submitt reports.
  • Complete Training – Watch videos, view slides, and take quizzes to complete your training requirements.
  • Resources – View PDFs and other documents uploaded by your Safety Administrator
  • Code Scanner – Scan KPA EHS QR codes for equipment and employees
  • Website – View the KPA EHS website from your device
  • Alert Settings – View and manage your notification settings
  • Pending Reports – Keep track of any reports that have not finished uploading to the server.