Getting Started for Employees (Video)

The following is a transcript of the video guide:

This is the Getting Started guide for Employees that are new to the KPA EHS web application and app.
Basically, what I’m going to go through here is what it looks to go to the website for the first time, sign in, some reports, some other things that you would do within the website.
Then, also downloading the app, installing it, and using it as well.
we’re going to start out on the KPA EHS website.

This is probably similar to what yours will look like.
But the URL at the top here is

Yours will be “yourcompanyname”
That link and then also your username and password would be provided to you by the administrator of your account.

I can sign in right here.
Also, if I didn’t know my password, or forgot it at a later date, I could click on the “forgot your password” link, and then I could actually have it email me a link that would late me create a new password for the system.
I know my password, so I’m going to go ahead and sign in as Mark Wilson.
I will sign in, and it’ll take me to the new account registration page.

Since I’ve never signed in before, I go to this page, and, basically, I can choose a new password, one that only I would know.
I will type my new password in here, and then I type it again to make sure I didn’t have any typos.
Then, that’s all for the registration process.
Now you are within the site, and this is what it would look like anytime you would sign in.

Just a quick overview of this page that we’re looking at.
On the top, we have a task list, and this will list any tasks that you need to do for the KPA EHS system.
Right now, I have an acknowledgement that I need to look at that was sent to me by HR.
I also have reports that I can fill out.

Your report list will look different right here.
But you’ll just have a list of different forms, basically, that you can fill out.
You can also view those by clicking on “reports” on the left.
Then, you’ll have other links on the left.

For example, I have “resources” right here.
These would be like PDFs, Word documents, Power Point, all kinds of safety procedures and information and forms and documents that the administrator has uploaded to the sight for you to have access to.
I’m going to go ahead and do one of these open tasks, so you can see what that looks like.
This is an “acknowledgement.”

It means that it was sent to me by the administrator.
It’s just a text information.
It could also have a link with an attachment.
I can just read it.

Then once I’ve understood it, I click “I acknowledge it”, it goes away from my task list.
That was my only task, and so now my list is complete.
Also, on the top right, you have access to messages that have been sent to you by the KPA EHS system, as well as your employee profile.
Then you can sign out, if you’d like to do that.

On the left, you have a menu button that’ll hide and show that menu.
If you need a little bit more screen space, then you can hide that.
I’m going to show you your profile real quick.
You may or may not have access to edit some of this information.

It depends on the setting of your account.
But you may, possibly, be able to upload your own profile picture right here.
If I hit the “edit” button on the right, then, right now, I can edit my emergency contact information and my cell phone.
I could change that and hit “save” or “cancel” if I didn’t want to change it.

I can view some information about trainings, subordinates, equipment that I’m responsible for.
Then I’ll go into some of this other information in a second.
That’s a quick look at the KPA EHS website, and what it looks like to use some information within there.
Now I’m going to switch gears, and I’m going to show you what it looks like to download the app, and sign in there.

let’s see, I’m going to jump out of the full screen mode here, so you can see my web browser, and you can see my iPhone at the same time.
On my iPhone, I’m in the iPhone App Store right now.
If you are on an Android phone, then you can go to the Google Play Store, and search for KPA EHS, and download that app.
Then, otherwise, it’s exactly the same process as being on the iPhone and iPad.

The iPhone app and the Android app work and look identical.
Here I’m in the app store, so I’m going to search for KPA EHS in the iPhone App Store.
I see the app show up right there.
I can click on it, and view information if I need to, and then I can hit that “download” button, and that will actually let me download the app to my device.

I already have it on my device at the bottom right here.
I’m going to click on that.
I signed out so that I can show you the “sign in” process.
basically, I’m going to sign in with that same username and password that I used on the website.

For me, I’m a demo account, so I’m going to type in “demo”, but you wouldn’t do that.
You would just type in your username.
Perhaps it’s like, “mwilson” would be my username here.
Then you can just type in your password.

Then you hit “sign in”.
Then, that may sign you in, or it may ask you for one additional piece of information.
Here, it’s the “app code” that it needs.
I can click on “what’s this?”

To get more information about it.
But, basically, the app code is a special code that’s listed in your employee profile on the website.
If the system asks you for that, you would just go to the website, like you had already signed in, you’d go to your employee profile And then you can scroll down and on the left you’ll see the “app code” section.
Basically, my app code right here is 0-A-5-F-6.

I can go back to my app, and I’m going to type in that code.
Then I will hit “continue”, and then that will sign me in, finally.
The first question’s going to ask is whether or not you wanna have push notifications from the website sent to your device.

You probably do, so I’d hit “yes” and hit “continue”.
Now that I’ve enabled notifications on my device, if I go back to my employee profile and scroll down, I will actually see my device listed as a connected device.
I could even click to send a test to my device if I wanted to.
I’ll do that just so you can see what that looks like.

I will click to send a test, and then, almost immediately on your phone, you’ll have a notification sent to you by the KPA EHS website.
You can tell that that connection between the website and your phone is working.
Now you can sign up for alerts for different events within the system like when a report is submitted and other things.
Now I’m in the app, and I’m going to just show you around.

Basically on the very top, you’ll see there’s a “my profile” button, so I’ll click on that.
That shows you a quick look at your profile, and that would be available even if you didn’t have an internet connection.
It will show you what trainings you’re up to date on, what your employee number is, credentials, anything that you may need to verify to somebody out in the field.
Below that is a “reports” link.

I can click on that, and even if I didn’t have an internet connection, it would show these reports.
I would be able to click on one, and I could actually go through and fill out a report right there.
I’ll go ahead and fill this one out.
It’s the same process as filling one out on the website.

Right here, your reports and your questions may be different, but basically it’s going to be a process of picking different answers.
Whenever you choose an answer, like I chose the “working” category right here, it may slide down other questions that are digging into that information.
They get more specific about the “working” category.
For example, now I have to choose the subcategory, and so I could choose that it was a bites-and-stings issue.

Then, below that, there are just more questions.
But, something that, that you may notice is on the right side, there is this little button or bubble.
You can click on that, and that will let you on any one of these questions, actually attach a photo or a file.
I could actually take a photo right here, and attach it to my answer on that question.

Then, whenever I submit the report, it would actually have that, that photo inline to clarify what my answer was right there.
The other thing that you can do with these bubbles, is you may say, “You know, whenever I’m choosing “the severity right here, I’m not sure if I would call it “‘high’ or ‘critical’.”
I could click that bubble on the right, click “follow ups”, and I could actually choose a person, and say, “You know, I wasn’t there but Derrrick was there, and so I’m going to have him ‘please confirm’, and I’ll assign it to Derrick.”
Then, so now you can see that bubble is highlighted right there, and he would receive a follow-up notification where he would need to confirm that information.

Or, perhaps if there is a physical issue, he would be responsible for getting it cleared up or fixed or whatever it was.
That’s the process of creating an attachment, photo, or follow up for any one of these questions.
I’m going to keep going through the rest of it.
If I try to submit the report without completing all the fields, you’ll see that those fields turn red, and then it’ll make me type an actual answer in right there.

Then, now I’ve completed all the fields, and I can submit the report now.
Then, it’s successfully saved.
Even if I didn’t have an internet connection, it would save that report on my device.
It would go down to “pending reports”, and I would have a one right here saying that I had a pending report.

As soon as I got an internet connection, it would be able to upload that report to the server just as I had entered it.
The other options within the app are you have this “resources” link that let’s you view those PDFs that you had available through the website as well.
You just click on one to view it.
You can zoom in if it’s a PDF.

Then, now I have a check box showing up right there, that I have this report downloaded, and even if I don’t have an internet connection, that one would be available to me in case I was in a pinch and had no internet connection out in the field.
You can search for those resources as well.
I’m going to go back to that homepage.
We have a QR scanner that let’s you scan QR codes from badges or equipment to be able to quickly view that information.

You could click to view the website, and that just takes you right into your KPA EHS account, website.
Then, you have your “alert” settings, and that let’s you just turn on and off alerts.
Then, you have your “pending reports” link which I already showed you.
To sign out, you’d hit that button at the top left, and you could swipe your account to be able to sign out.

Or if you wanted to add another account, then you could click on the plus button at the bottom right, and you could actually sign in with an additional account.
That’s a quick look at the KPA EHS website and the app.
If you have more questions, we have a lot more video guides on the KPA EHS website and also on the “help” section of your KPA EHS webpage.