Getting Started for Administrators (Video)

The following is a transcript of the video guide:

This is a Getting Started guide for Admins of the KPA EHS system.
If you have a new KPA EHS account and you are starting out with a blank site, and you’re wondering where to start, then this is a great guide for you.
I’m going to start out on my home page.
I’ve already logged in to my KPA EHS website.

This is a brand new, completely blank website.
This is probably what you’re seeing if you have a new site.
I have one open task, and this task will show up for about 30 days on a new site, or until you’ve completed all of the tasks within it.
But basically, clicking on this task is a great way to get started and to learn how to use the system and really, especially, how to load your data into the system.

I’m going to go ahead and click on that task.
Basically, it’s going to walk you through, , an 11 step process of moving data that’s relevant for your company into the website.
Doing these tasks, , walking through them, even in order, is probably a good idea, because some of the data in these tasks, for example, Employees, well first, before you load Employees into the system, you need to have Job Titles in the system.
We’ve, , chosen order here that will make things, , work smoothly for you, where you’re not saying, “Well, I need to load Employees, “but I don’t have this data in yet.”

Definitely recommend walking through this.
What you can do is, whenever one of these tasks is done, the system will know that, say you have Customers already in the system, and it’ll show up as a checked box, and you’ll be able to move on to the next one.
But for now, we don’t have any complete, and so, I’ll click on that one.
Basically, it’ll say, hey, you need to load your Customers, or aka, clients or companies, which are other organizations that your company works with, and you need to load them into the system.

Basically, there’s two ways to do that right here.
You could do it via the website, and there’s a little link right here that’ll actually take you to that page.
Here, I can just type in the companies that I work with.
Let’s see, I’ll just do Devon Energy, and we’ll add that.

Then, now I’m going to go back to that other page, and whenever I go back over here, you can see that that check box is checked now, it’s green, and it’s having me go to the next one.
I’m done, or possibly done, loading Customers right there.
If you wanna load just a few customers into the system, you could click here to do that.
If you need to load a lot into the system, definitely click on this link right here, and that’ll take you to an explanation of how you could load that via Spreadsheet, which would be a lot faster.

If you’re wondering what any of these things are, for example, Customers, Lines of Businesses, Job Titles, Field Offices, Resources, and so on, definitely check out the video help guides.
We have an explanation for every single one of these, of what the data means, how it’s used in the system, and so on.
As you keep going, you would go to Line of Business, you would load those, either through the website or through a Spreadsheet.
You could check out the video guides to understand what that was.

Job Titles, Field Offices, just keep going down the list, and then, loading these into the system.
Then, once you’ve gone all the way through this list, the last task is, , a process of how you could share this website with your employees, which basically means you would maybe wanna send them this PDF that we have, that, , gives them an idea of how to get started.
We also have some video guides, Getting Started for Employees, that you may wanna forward to them.
Then, they would need to know what their login was.

Their username and their password is something you’d wanna tell them, and then, they would be able to change that password, and so on.
Yeah, definitely just recommend walking through each one of these tasks.
If you have questions on it, like a Training, you know, look for Training in that video help guide, and we have a few different videos on that and on all of these things.
Also, if you have any questions, definitely feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be able to help you as well.