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Job Safety Analysis Form

A job safety analysis (JSA) report form to be completed prior to the start of any job, task, etc. A job step process to determine hazards and hazard management strategies. Checkout the Forms Library »

Job Safety Analysis - Printable PDF
Download a printable Job Safety Analysis (PDF).

What is a JSA?

A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is where a team meets before a job to identify potential hazards and discuss the safest way to do the job. A JSA is also known as a JHS (Job Hazard Analysis) or possibly a Job Hazard Breakdown.

Potential hazards are not limited to the job and tools you will be directly working with, but any other potential hazard such as environmental risks (e.g the weather) or dangerous tasks, equipment, chemicals, etc used by other persons in the same work area.

JSA's typically include the following 6 steps:

  1. Identify the Procedure - figure out which specific procedures are high risk
  2. Identify the Steps - figure out each step that needs to be done to complete the job
  3. Identify Hazards - for each step identify what could go wrong
  4. Implement Solutions - take action to reduce, contain, revise, or eliminate the hazards
  5. Communicate - share your findings with your team & make it easily accessible to everyone
  6. Review / Update - review and update your procedures, steps, hazards, and solutions as needed

This form is a sample report which can be imported into your KPA EHS account. All forms including this one can be easily modified to fit your organization's policies and procedures.

Don't have a KPA EHS account? Download the printable Job Safety Analysis PDF form so your team can fill out a paper copy.

Check out the forms library.
Check out the forms library.

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