Track Follow-Ups

Assign follow-ups when filling out a form, then run status reports to what is still open. The system automatically sends the assignee an alert plus an open-task.

Assign Follow-Ups

Within any KPA EHS form, there is a "more" button to the right side of each question which allows you to add additional notes, attachments, and assign follow-ups. You can also add a follow-up question to the form itself and make it required for your team to fill out. Each report may have any number of follow-ups.

Once a follow-up is assigned, it will automatically email and/or send a push notification to the assignee informing them of their new assignment. The system will also create a follow-up task in their open-task list leaving them one-click away from quickly marking the issue resolved.

Follow-Up Due Date

Team members can also assign due dates for follow-ups. Once an open follow-up meets its due date, it will become "overdue" and will show in red on the open-task list. The follow-up status report will highlight overdue items for easy visibility.

Complete Follow-Up Tasks
Complete follow-ups or re-assign them to others
Follow-Up Status Report
Run a follow-up status report to see what's open
Follow-Up Status Report Spreadsheet
Export your follow-up report to a spreadsheet
Schedule Reports
Create scheduled reports to email you or your team

Resolving Follow-Ups

Once the assignee clicks the follow-up task, it will take them to a split-screen page where they can view the report and mark the follow-up as closed. You can also allow (or require) team members to attach photos or sign the resolved follow-up. Alternatively, the assignee may re-assign the follow-up to another team member with a note. The entire assignment, message, attachment, and signature history for the follow-up can be viewed within the form response.

Follow-Up Tracking

Run a follow-up status report at any time to see which issues are open, closed, or over-due. Administrators can also setup a scheduled report to receive open follow-up reports daily/weekly/etc.

Check out the forms library.
Check out the forms library.

Top Features of KPA EHS Reporting

Check out the Forms Overview or learn about specific features:


Form Builder »

Start from a pre-built template or design your own form from scratch.


Offline / Mobile Reporting »

Once team members have downloaded the app, they can fill out reports offline - including attachments! The report will automatically upload once connectivity resumes.


Follow-Up Tracking »

Assign follow-ups within a report and track incomplete items.


Permissions »

You decide who can submit reports, view responses, and more.


Alerts & Notifications »

Setup individual or group notifications for certain reports. For example, you may want notifications for critical issues but not minor ones.


Analysis Tools »

KPA EHS automatically generates rich analytic tools so you can filter, visualize, and export all the data you're collecting.


Participation Reports »

Run participation reports to see who is submitting reports and when they're being submitted.


Electronic Signatures »

Collect electronic signatures when your team fill out reports.


Multilingual »

Forms filled out through the web browser can be automatically translated into 100+ languages.


Revision History

As your team edits a report, the system will automatically track what was changed, the author, and the date.


Data Lists

As projects, locations, etc change, the form will automatically update to include the latest options.


Auto-Hiding Fields

Clicking "Does Not Apply" dozens of times is counter-productive. Instead, hide questions that don't apply.



Some forms can be extremely complex, but that's no problem in KPA EHS. Setup sub-reports to make it easier to fill out in sections.

KPA EHS in 60 Seconds

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10 Minute Walk-through

Watch this walk-through of the KPA EHS system.