Push Notifications

Setup push notifications for you and your team when critical forms are submitted, training is assigned, inspections are due, follow-ups are assigned, and more.

iPhone, iPad, & Android Alerts

The KPA EHS EHS App allows you to setup push notifications for several different types system notifications.

Form Notifications

For any form you can view within KPA EHS, you can also setup push notifications (or email notifications) when the form is filled out and submitted or updated. You can also filter which notifications you receive - for example, "when the Severity field is set to Critical, send a notification to my iPhone". The KPA EHS system also allows you to setup group notifications so that multiple team members receive an alert when certain forms are submitted.
Learn More: Custom Notifications for Forms

Urgent Report Push Notification
Push notification for an urgent report
Acknowledgment Notification
Push notification for acknowledgment sign-off
Training Push Notification
Push notification for assigned training

Training Notifications

When you assign one-off trainings to a team member, you can choose to send them a push notification so they are immediately aware of the task. This push notification will link them directly to complete the online training within the KPA EHS app.
Learn More: One-Off Training

Follow-Up Notifications

When you assign a follow-up to another employee, it can be setup to send them a push notification with a direct link to the page where they complete the follow-up.
Learn More: Tracking Follow-Ups

Message History
See all messages the system has sent to you
Alerts & Notification Settings
Setup which alerts & notifications you want to see

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Top KPA EHS Mobile Features

The KPA EHS app is designed to make common tasks quick and easy for team members out in the field or on the go. This includes:


Mobile Reporting »

Fill out reports quickly, even with no connectivity.


Mobile Training »

Complete training on-the-go including documents, videos, & quizzes.


Open Task List »

See your open tasks & complete them with one touch.


My Profile »

Quickly pull up your credentials, ISN Number, and more - even without connectivity.


QR Scanner »

Scan employee & equipment QR codes to check status or complete inspections.


Notifications »

Get push notifications for tasks, urgent reports, and more.


Resources »

Access operating procedures, policies, and other documents - even without connectivity.



Access the full KPA EHS application with one-click through the Website link.

KPA EHS in 60 Seconds

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10 Minute Walk-through

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