Open-Tasks List

The open-task list makes sure your team knows what needs to be done. Tasks are automatically generated for things like training, inspections, follow-ups, acknowledgment sign-offs, and more.

EHS Task List

Each of your team members are given an open-task list available on their KPA EHS home page or as the top button in their KPA EHS App. The number of open tasks is also shown as the numeric badge (top-right of the home screen app icon). This makes it clear what items need their attention including training, inspections, follow-ups and more.

There are quite a few ways that tasks can get assigned in the KPA EHS system, but here are the most common ones.

Training Tasks

A training task is assigned to anyone who is out-of-date or expiring on an assigned training. For example, if you assign "Ladder Safety Training" to all employees in Houston, each Houston employee will receive a training task in their open-task list. If you provide online training (through the KPA EHS Lesson Builder) then these tasks will link directly to the training so team members can get started immediately.
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Open Task List
Access your open task list via the KPA EHS app
Training Push Notification
Push notification for assigned training
App-Based Training Quiz
Complete quizzes in KPA EHS training
Urgent Report Push Notification
Push notification for an urgent report

Follow-Up Tasks

When your team is filling out a form, they may create a follow-up as part of their submission. These follow-ups automatically notify the assignee and create an open-task in their task list which links to quickly view & resolve the follow-up. You can also run status reports to find any incomplete or overdue follow-ups.
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Inspection Tasks

Assign assets to specific team members and they will receive an open-task for any incomplete or out-of-date inspections. The task will link them directly to the inspection form so they can quickly finish the job.
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Open-Task Report
Admins can run an open-task report to see what tasks are incomplete.
App-Based Forms
Fill out forms with the KPA EHS app
Attach Photos to Forms
Attach photos & videos to forms - even without connectivity
Acknowledgment Notification
Push notification for acknowledgment sign-off
Complete Follow-Up Tasks
Complete follow-ups or re-assign them to others

Acknowledgment / Sign-Off Tasks

Send a short messages (with attachments) for employees to sign-off. For example, you may share a policy change & attach the SOP as a PDF. These types of alerts notify each assigned team member and create an open-task. Employees can click the task and sign off in seconds.
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Open Task Report

Admins can run an "Open Task Report" which lists each task, who it's assigned to, due date, and more. Run an open task report on-demand or schedule a PDF or spreadsheet to be emailed to you periodically.

Task Notifications & Alerts

Setup daily task notification emails and push notifications to remind your team of pending tasks and of tasks newly assigned. Choose what days of the week the tasks are sent and what time they send.

KPA EHS in 60 Seconds

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10 Minute Walk-through

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