Form Builder

You need forms that fit your team. With KPA EHS you can start with a template or build a form from scratch. Get started in minutes.

Build Forms in KPA EHS

Create simple forms with just a few quick questions or add hundreds of questions for your in-depth audits. Any form that you have on paper or in another digital system can easily be built in KPA EHS using the form builder. Audits, inspections, near miss reports, incident reports, observation reports, and JSAs are a few of the forms that we see all the time.

Who Can Change Forms?

In most EHS systems, building or changing a form requires a support request, 3-4 weeks of development, and several thousand dollars. With KPA EHS you can build and edit your own forms with just a few clicks. Use the Roles & Permissions page to determine which other team members can edit forms in your system.

Types of Questions

Start with a form in the pre-built library, or build your own from scratch - one question at a time. There are 11 types of fields (aka questions) in KPA EHS including:

  • Textbox - Enter text using the keyboard or speech-to-text
  • Checkbox - Check a box; typically used for yes or no answers
  • Counter - Keep count of something by incrementing one at a time
  • Select - Select one or more items from a list plus color-coding and scoring
  • Date/Time - Choose a date and/or time or use a server-certified timestamp
  • Attachments - Capture photos, documents, and videos. Mobile devices will pop up the camera
  • Sketch - Draw on a diagram or capture a signature
  • Sub-Report - Embed one form inside another
  • Follow-Ups - Assign an open-task to a team mate & monitor the status
  • Heading - Create headings to separate sections of the form
  • Description - Add instructions or pictures for the observer's reference
  • Calculations - Create your own formulas using data from other fields like textboxes, time, etc
Form Builder
Build your own forms for your team to fill out
App-Based Forms
Fill out forms with the KPA EHS app
Electronic Signature
Sign-off on forms using the electronic signature field
Attach Photos to Forms
Attach photos & videos to forms - even without connectivity

Deploying New Forms

Once you build a form in KPA EHS, you can choose which team members can fill it out within the Roles and Permissions panel. If a team member is allowed to fill out the form, then it will immediately show up on their KPA EHS website. Team members using the KPA EHS apps will see the new form within 24 hours since forms are downloaded daily. This makes it possible for team members to fill out forms even if there is no internet connection available. If a team member desires to see a new form immediately, they can press the "Check for Updates" button at the bottom of their KPA EHS app.

Offline Reporting

If a response is submitted via the KPA EHS app and no internet connection is available, then the form will wait on the device (along with any photos or other attachments) until a connection becomes available. The Recent Reports screen shows the status of each response and attachment so you can verify the status of a report.

Viewing Responses

Once a form is submitted, it will automatically trigger any notifications and can be seen online by any team members who have permissions. Administrators will be able to search and filter form responses, export them to spreadsheets and PDFs, and generate charts and graphs using subsets of the data.

Resume Filling Out A Form
Resume filling out a report if it didn't get submitted
Forms Translated Multi Lingual
Web-based forms automatically translated to 100+ languages
Recent Reports
Make sure recent reports get uploaded when connectivity resumes
Check out the forms library.
Check out the forms library.

Top Features of KPA EHS Reporting

Check out the Forms Overview or learn about specific features:


Form Builder »

Start from a pre-built template or design your own form from scratch.


Offline / Mobile Reporting »

Once team members have downloaded the app, they can fill out reports offline - including attachments! The report will automatically upload once connectivity resumes.


Follow-Up Tracking »

Assign follow-ups within a report and track incomplete items.


Permissions »

You decide who can submit reports, view responses, and more.


Alerts & Notifications »

Setup individual or group notifications for certain reports. For example, you may want notifications for critical issues but not minor ones.


Analysis Tools »

KPA EHS automatically generates rich analytic tools so you can filter, visualize, and export all the data you're collecting.


Participation Reports »

Run participation reports to see who is submitting reports and when they're being submitted.


Electronic Signatures »

Collect electronic signatures when your team fill out reports.


Multilingual »

Forms filled out through the web browser can be automatically translated into 100+ languages.


Revision History

As your team edits a report, the system will automatically track what was changed, the author, and the date.


Data Lists

As projects, locations, etc change, the form will automatically update to include the latest options.


Auto-Hiding Fields

Clicking "Does Not Apply" dozens of times is counter-productive. Instead, hide questions that don't apply.



Some forms can be extremely complex, but that's no problem in KPA EHS. Setup sub-reports to make it easier to fill out in sections.

View a Form Response
View answers, weather, location, duration, & revision history
Forms Setup Notification
Setup individual notifications for form responses
Complete Follow-Up Tasks
Complete follow-ups or re-assign them to others
Searching Responses
Quickly look through form responses

KPA EHS in 60 Seconds

Watch this quick overview of the KPA EHS system.

10 Minute Walk-through

Watch this walk-through of the KPA EHS system.