Mobile Resources

Share PDFs and other documents like operating procedures and handbooks with your team. Set critical documents to "offline" so everyone can access them without an internet connection.

Resource Library

Upload PDFs and other documents that you want to share with your team. Common documents include standard operating procedures (SOPs), employee handbooks, emergency contacts, chemical sheets, safety data sheets (SDS), etc.

Resources can be tagged to make organization and search easy, plus your team can use text-based searches to search the title and PDF content of each document. KPA EHS also tracks the revision history for each document and offers a log of changes over time.

Mobile Access

The KPA EHS App offers a "Resources" screen where your team can quickly search and view documents on their device.

Resource Library
Search & view SOPs and resources from the KPA EHS app
Resources And SOPs
Share SOPs, PDFs, & other documents with your team
Bulk Upload Resources
Upload a large number of resources at once
Resource Revision History
Track the revision history of your SOPs & other documents
Upload A Resource
Upload resources like SOPs for your team to access offline

Resource Search

Employees can search the resource library - including both the titles and the contents of the PDF - to easily and quickly find relevant documents.


You can determine which employees can access resources according to the role set on their employee profile.

Offline Access

For high priority documents, you can set them up in "offline mode". Offline resources are automatically downloaded as soon as the user logs in to make sure the documents are available in the future - even if connectivity is not available. By default, these documents are only downloaded over WiFi (to avoid using up the data plan) but this can be changed to the cellular network.

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Top KPA EHS Mobile Features

The KPA EHS app is designed to make common tasks quick and easy for team members out in the field or on the go. This includes:


Mobile Reporting »

Fill out reports quickly, even with no connectivity.


Mobile Training »

Complete training on-the-go including documents, videos, & quizzes.


Open Task List »

See your open tasks & complete them with one touch.


My Profile »

Quickly pull up your credentials, ISN Number, and more - even without connectivity.


QR Scanner »

Scan employee & equipment QR codes to check status or complete inspections.


Notifications »

Get push notifications for tasks, urgent reports, and more.


Resources »

Access operating procedures, policies, and other documents - even without connectivity.



Access the full KPA EHS application with one-click through the Website link.

KPA EHS in 60 Seconds

Watch this quick overview of the KPA EHS system.

10 Minute Walk-through

Watch this walk-through of the KPA EHS system.