Mobile Forms

Your team is on the go. Internet connection is slow or non-existent. With KPA EHS mobile reporting your team can fill out reports offline via iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Mobile Reporting for iPhone, iPad, and Android

The KPA EHS app is optimized for filling out reports & completing training on the go. Forms automatically adjust to the screen size and photos/videos are easy to attach from the camera or photo gallery.

Offline Reporting

Every morning the KPA EHS app automatically checks for updated forms to make sure your team has the latest questions. Once downloaded, the forms can be filled out (plus attachments) even if there is no internet connection available. Once connectivity resumes, the app will automatically upload them to the KPA EHS application. The apps also feature a "Recent Reports" screen where you can keep track of previously submitted reports & attachments.

App-Based Forms
Fill out forms with the KPA EHS app
Attach Photos to Forms
Attach photos & videos to forms - even without connectivity
Electronic Signature
Sign-off on forms using the electronic signature field
Recent Reports
Make sure recent reports get uploaded when connectivity resumes
App EHS Forms And Training
Submit reports & complete training with the KPA EHS app

Attach Photos & Videos to Forms

Within the KPA EHS app, team members can easily attach unlimited photos and videos to their reports. Once they press the "Attach" button the app will allow them to choose from their Camera Roll or take a new picture/video from their camera. Once a photo or video is selected, the app will automatically upload as soon as connectivity is available.

Assign & Track Follow-Ups

Follow-ups can also be assigned to other team members within a mobile form. As soon as the report is uploaded to KPA EHS, notification(s) will be sent and the assignee will receive an open-task to complete the follow-up. Admins can run reports to find unresolved follow-ups and Follow-Ups can be re-assigned to other team members or closed out with a message, signature, and/or photos. Learn more about tracking follow-ups.

Check out the forms library.
Check out the forms library.

Top Features of KPA EHS Reporting

Check out the Forms Overview or learn about specific features:


Form Builder »

Start from a pre-built template or design your own form from scratch.


Offline / Mobile Reporting »

Once team members have downloaded the app, they can fill out reports offline - including attachments! The report will automatically upload once connectivity resumes.


Follow-Up Tracking »

Assign follow-ups within a report and track incomplete items.


Permissions »

You decide who can submit reports, view responses, and more.


Alerts & Notifications »

Setup individual or group notifications for certain reports. For example, you may want notifications for critical issues but not minor ones.


Analysis Tools »

KPA EHS automatically generates rich analytic tools so you can filter, visualize, and export all the data you're collecting.


Participation Reports »

Run participation reports to see who is submitting reports and when they're being submitted.


Electronic Signatures »

Collect electronic signatures when your team fill out reports.


Multilingual »

Forms filled out through the web browser can be automatically translated into 100+ languages.


Revision History

As your team edits a report, the system will automatically track what was changed, the author, and the date.


Data Lists

As projects, locations, etc change, the form will automatically update to include the latest options.


Auto-Hiding Fields

Clicking "Does Not Apply" dozens of times is counter-productive. Instead, hide questions that don't apply.



Some forms can be extremely complex, but that's no problem in KPA EHS. Setup sub-reports to make it easier to fill out in sections.

Reporting & Beyond

Forms is only the beginning for KPA EHS's mobile app. Your team can also view their open task list, complete training, download SOPs & resources, inspect assets, scan QR codes, receive safety push notifications, and more from the free KPA EHS EHS app.

Open Task List
Access your open task list via the KPA EHS app
App-Based Training Quiz
Complete quizzes in KPA EHS training
QR Code Scanner
Scan employee & equipment QR codes
App Profile Page
View your profile offline & share your ISN bar code
Resource Library
Search & view SOPs and resources from the KPA EHS app

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Top KPA EHS Mobile Features

The KPA EHS app is designed to make common tasks quick and easy for team members out in the field or on the go. This includes:


Mobile Reporting »

Fill out reports quickly, even with no connectivity.


Mobile Training »

Complete training on-the-go including documents, videos, & quizzes.


Open Task List »

See your open tasks & complete them with one touch.


My Profile »

Quickly pull up your credentials, ISN Number, and more - even without connectivity.


QR Scanner »

Scan employee & equipment QR codes to check status or complete inspections.


Notifications »

Get push notifications for tasks, urgent reports, and more.


Resources »

Access operating procedures, policies, and other documents - even without connectivity.



Access the full KPA EHS application with one-click through the Website link.

KPA EHS in 60 Seconds

Watch this quick overview of the KPA EHS system.

10 Minute Walk-through

Watch this walk-through of the KPA EHS system.