Lesson Builder

Design online lessons with text, PowerPoint, graphics, videos, quizzes, and more. Assign & deploy to your team in seconds.

Lesson Builder Overview

The KPA EHS Lesson Builder makes it easy for you to create your own training for your team to complete online. The open-task list takes each employee directly to the training which can be completed on any modern web-browser or through the KPA EHS iPhone and Android apps. Training completed online (using your lesson) will mark the training complete in KPA EHS and will remove the task from their open-task list.

PowerPoint, Quizzes, Videos, & More

In KPA EHS, you'll create a lesson one slide at a time - much like a PowerPoint presentation. There are several options of slide types including:

  • Bullet-Points - add a heading and a list of bullet-points
  • Documents - upload a PowerPoint or PDF for the employee to browse
  • Images - upload a picture or graphic to be shown full-screen
  • Text - type a headline and a paragraph of text
  • Video - upload a video or link to a Vimeo or YouTube video
  • Quiz - add multiple choice quiz questions
  • SCORM - upload a SCORM file from a 3rd-party training provider
  • AICC - upload an AICC file from a 3rd-party training provider
  • 2020 Library - (add-on) import slides from a pre-built course catalog
Lesson Builder
Build lessons with videos, documents, quizzes, and more
Lesson Builder Bullet Points
Build lessons with bullet-point slides
Lesson Builder Quiz
Build lessons with quiz questions
Lesson Builder Video
Build lessons with YouTube and Vimeo slides

Mobile Optimized

Over 75% of training is completed on mobile devices yet the vast majority of CBT/LMS providers barely work (or don't work at all) on mobile devices like iPhone or Android. Typically their content covers a small percentage of the screen and the font sizes and buttons could fit on a postage stamp.

KPA EHS CBT lessons are designed with mobile phones as the top-priority. That means the content is large and easy to use, and the layout automatically adjusts to fill the entire screen - regardless of the phone orientation. KPA EHS also makes it a priority to keep file sizes as small as possible given limited connectivity and data-plans out in the field. The KPA EHS LMS also works perfectly on any modern web browser.

100+ Languages

Each employee can set their language preference within their own profile page or administrators can set it for them. If a non-english language is selected, then all website content (which includes training lessons) will be automatically translated from English to the selected language. This includes text, bullet points, quizzes, and even narration (a 2020 Training add-on).

As soon as you change a lesson or add a new slide, the translation will be immediately available for all team members in your system.

Begin Training
Begin your mobile-based training with KPA EHS
App Training Bullets Slide
View slides with bullet-points in KPA EHS training
App Training Video Slide
View slides with YouTube or Vimeo videos in KPA EHS training
App-Based Training Quiz
Complete quizzes in KPA EHS training
App-Based Training Answer
Answer questions within KPA EHS training
Complete Training
Complete mobile-based training with KPA EHS

Required Score

By default, quizzes will re-ask any incorrect answers at the end of the quiz. For example, if an employee misses questions 2 and 5, then after the quiz is finished the system will shuffle the questions and answers and re-ask questions 2 & 5. This means that your team is allowed to learn during the quiz, but no training is complete until the employee has gotten every answer correct.

Alternatively, you can choose a required "passing score" for your lessons. For example, if you choose "70%" then each employee will be asked the questions exactly one time. A 70% or above will allow them to complete the lesson, whereas a score below 70% would require them to completely restart the training.

Training Analytics

With the 2020 Training add-on, you can view analytics on CBT training sessions. Analytics include duration per lesson, per slide, and scoring information on quiz questions. Learn More: 2020 Training

Lessons Pre-Built Library
Import from the 2020 Training lesson library
Lesson Analysis Overview
View time and quiz analytics by lesson
Lesson Analysis Quiz
Analyze quiz performance for online training
Lessons Multi Lingual Training
Lesson text & narration automatically translated to 100+ languages

Pre-Built Course Catalog

The 2020 Training add-on also offers a pre-built course catalog that you can easily drop in and assign to your team. Easily change the content to fit your team's policies, add slides like SOPs, or create additional quiz questions. Learn More: 2020 Training


With the 2020 Training add-on, you can also add text-to-speech (or pre-recorded) narration to each slide. Employees who prefer a different language will automatically hear the narration in the language selected for their profile. Learn More: 2020 Training

Top KPA EHS Training Features

Checkout the EHS Training Overview or learn more about the specific features:


Assign Training »

Assign training to your team and let the system monitor tasks and statuses.


Run Status Reports »

Run status reports to see which team members are expiring or have out-of-date training.


ISN Export

Export your training to an ISN spreadsheet that is ready for upload to ISNetworld.


Learn Online »

Build lessons with documents & quizzes and let your team complete training online.


Assign One-Offs »

Have team members redo training or assign one-off training to employees that don't normally need it.


Group Training »

Conduct in-person training sessions, then send each employee a task to e-sign that they completed the training.


Lesson Builder »

Build your own lessons for employees to complete online using text, videos, PowerPoint, quizzes, or even SCORM/AICC files.


2020 Training »

The 2020 Training add-on offers additional resources like a pre-built training course library that you can drop in or edit.


2020 Analytics »

2020 Training also offers full analytics for your computer based training (CBT) such as duration or quiz performance.


Electronic Signatures »

Collect electronic signatures when training is completed online, in the classroom, or even for historic trainings.


Historic Import »

Load your historic training dates into KPA EHS via a dataload Excel spreadsheet.


API Access »

Your IT group has full access to training & completion dates so you can easily move KPA EHS data into other systems.


100+ Languages

Instantly translate your lessons into 100+ languages including text, bullet points, quizzes, and narration.

KPA EHS in 60 Seconds

Watch this quick overview of the KPA EHS system.

10 Minute Walk-through

Watch this walk-through of the KPA EHS system.