Electronic Signature

Track electronic signatures when forms are filled out, when training is completed, or when acknowledgments are signed-off.

Collecting Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures can be collected through several of the KPA EHS modules including:

  • Online Training - have your team sign off when they complete their online training
  • Group Training - conduct in-person or offline trainings, then send a task to all attendees so that they can e-sign the roster
  • Form Signatures - add signature fields for your team to fill out when submitting a report
  • Acknowledgments - send notifications to your team and optionally have them sign-off with an e-signature
  • Follow-Ups - have employees sign off when they mark a follow-up as resolved

Training Signatures

For some trainings you may wish to track electronic signatures to verify that the training was completed. When you setup the training (or afterwards) you can enable signatures and employees will automatically receive a task in their open task list to sign off on the training. Signatures are collected digitally and can be done through the KPA EHS apps or through a web browser.

For online trainings (aka lessons) - if signatures are required - then the employee will be prompted to do an electronic signature once the training has been completed.

Electronic Signature
Sign-off on forms using the electronic signature field
Acknowledgment Notification
Push notification for acknowledgment sign-off
Electronic Training Signature
Sign-off that training was completed with e-signatures

Form Signatures

When you build your forms you can add as many "Signature Fields" as you wish and can make them required if you like. Signatures will be shown on the response including PDFs and other reports.

Acknowledgment Signatures

Acknowledgments (aka sign-offs) are when you send a message to all or part of your team. Acknowledgments can include attachments and you may require that employees perform an electronic signature to officially sign off on the message and attachment.

Follow-Up Signatures

When a team member is assigned a follow-up task you may choose to require an electronic signature when the follow-up is resolved.

Forms Filling Out A Form
Fill out forms online or through the KPA EHS apps
Forms Electronic Signatures
Collect electronic signatures from your forms
Training Sign In Sheet
Create a physical sign in sheet (or collect e-signatures)
Training Digital Signature
Collect signatures when training is completed
Acknowledgment Report
See a report of who's signed off an acknowledgment

KPA EHS in 60 Seconds

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