Sign-Offs & Acknowledgments

Send messages to your team and require them to sign-off. Attachments and electronic signatures are optional. Run status reports to see un-acknowledged alerts.

What is an Acknowledgment?

An acknowledgment (aka sign-off) is when you send a message to a group of employees for them to read and sign-off. Optionally include attachments and require electronic signatures if desired. KPA EHS will automatically track which employees have and haven't signed-off on an acknowledgment.

Sending an Acknowledgment

When you send an acknowledgment, you can include the following options:

  • Message - up to 140 characters that will be sent as the primary message
  • Attachments - (optional) include up to 5 attachments for team members to review before they sign-off
  • Require Signature - (optional) require team members to perform an electronic signature which you can see from your status report
  • Ongoing - (optional) automatically assign the acknowledgment to new employees (e.g. all new employees must review and sign for the Employment Agreement)
  • Recipients - send the acknowledgment to your entire team or to specific groups of people
Acknowledgment Notification
Push notification for acknowledgment sign-off
Sign-Off Task
An open-task for an acknowledgment (aka sign-off)
Acknowledgment Message
The acknowledgment message for each team member to read
Acknowledgment Document / SOP
Optionally include documents for team members to review
Acknowledgment Signature
Optionally have employees perform an electronic signature to sign-off

Assigning Sign-Offs

When you create the acknowledgment, you can assign it to everyone, to groups of people, or to individuals. The system will let you preview the number of people that will receive the message so you can quickly make sure it's going to the correct personnel.

Status Reports

View your acknowledgment any time to see what was sent and how many people have sign-off so far. Export the report to PDF for printing or to an Excel spreadsheet. You can also run "pending acknowledgment reports" to see overall numbers of which employees have not yet signed off on acknowledgments in general. Or you can open up any employee profile page to see if an individual has any un-addressed acknowledgments.

Acknowledgments History
See old acknowledgments plus their status
Pending Acknowledgments Report
See which acknowledgments have not been viewed
Printable Acknowledgment Report
Print a report of who's signed off an acknowledgment
Acknowledgment Report
See a report of who's signed off an acknowledgment

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