EHS Employee Management

Search for employees and view their profile including supervisors, training, assets, recent reports, and more. Export to PDF/Excel or print ID cards or QR codes.

Create a Profile

Create employee profiles through the website by entering their name, username, email (optional), and choosing a default password. The system will send them a customizable welcome email with instructions for logging in. If you have a large number of profiles to create (or need to create them on an automated basis) then use the data import spreadsheet to quickly load them all at once. Your IT group can also automate the upload via the KPA EHS API.

Employee Search

The employee search page can be filtered by standard fields like job title, supervisor, location, role, etc - or by custom fields that you create for your employees. Choose which columns you see in the results and export it to PDF or Excel. You can also use the search button (at the top of each KPA EHS page) to quickly search employees as well as other data like assets, training, and more.

Employees Search
Search for team members
Create a New Profile
Create a new employee profile
Employee Profile
View a team member's profile page
Employee Profile PDF
Export an employee profile to PDF for print/email

Employee Profile Page

The employee profile page is the hub of information for an employee. It includes things like profile picture, QR code, name, email, phone, supervisors, ISN number, titles, locations, emergency contact information, and custom fields. The profile will also list training status, recent reports, assigned assets with inspection status, new-hire evaluations, mentees, and more. This page can be exported to PDF for printing.

Employee QR Codes & ID Cards

Each KPA EHS employee profile has a QR code automatically assigned. This QR code can be scanned with the KPA EHS app for quick retrieval of profile information. The employee search page also provides easy QR code sticker templates so you can print stickers in a variety of formats. Alternatively, you can use the ID card template to print employee IDs which include profile picture, QR code, name, and employee number.

Employee Id Cards PDF
Print off employee ID cards with a QR code
Employee Profile Training
View a team member's training status
Employee Profile Recent Reports
View recent reports for a specific team member
Work Anniversaries
See which team members have upcoming work anniversaries

Mobile Profile

The mobile profile is available in the KPA EHS App for iPhone and Android. It provides a snapshot of the employee including name, photo, supervisors, job title, active trainings, isn numbers, etc.
Learn More: Mobile Profile Page

Welcome Email

When a new profile is created in KPA EHS, you can choose to have that person receive a welcome email with login / getting started instructions. You can customize the email message and include attachments the make sure employees understand their company-specific expectations.

Welcome Email
Customize the welcome email for new profiles
App Profile
Share your training offline within the KPA EHS app
App Profile Page
View your profile offline & share your ISN bar code
Employee Settings
Setup timezone, custom fields, message settings, and more

Employee Settings

Set a default timezone, initial message settings, create custom fields for each profile, edit the welcome email message, and setup group notifications - all within the Employee Settings page.

Top Control Panel Features

Check out the Control Panel Overview or learn about specific features:


Employee Management »

Search and manage employees and view team member profiles including open tasks, training, recent reports, and more


Roles & Permissions »

Create your own roles and define choose from over 100 permissions for each role type


Scheduled Reports »

Schedule daily/weekly/monthly email reports to be sent to you and your team including recent reports, pending follow-ups, training status, inspection status, and more


Import Data »

Load large amounts of data through spreadsheets including employee profiles, training history, assets, inspection history, and more



The free KPA EHS API offers your IT group programmatic access to KPA EHS data



Change KPA EHS's default wording to match your preferences. For example, you may prefer 'Project' instead of 'Field Office'



See which employees have an upcoming hire date anniversary


Employee Settings

Setup custom fields, default timezones, default message settings, and configure the welcome email



Give other companies limited access to view your employees and/or asset inspection status


Data Lists

Create and update lists of information used in forms - such as well-sites, rigs, projects, etc


New-Hire Evaluations

Setup automatic evaluation schedules for new-hire employees


Audit Log

Research changes to your data throughout the KPA EHS application including change agent, date, and what was changed


Form Builder »

Build forms for your team to fill out including photos, signatures, and more


Training »

Setup your training requirements and let the system assign tasks and track status


Acknowledgments »

Send out acknowledgment tasks for your team members to sign off on


Assets & Inspections »

Schedule and assign asset inspections to your team

KPA EHS in 60 Seconds

Watch this quick overview of the KPA EHS system.

10 Minute Walk-through

Watch this walk-through of the KPA EHS system.