The KPA EHS EHS app is designed for easy reporting & training in the field. It offers offline reporting, training, SOPs & resources, QR scanning, and more.

KPA EHS App Overview

KPA EHS provides a free, native app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices through the iTunes App Store and the Google Play store. These apps take advantage of things like the GPS, camera, push notifications, and offline storage to streamline tasks for your team members in the field. Top features include:

App EHS Forms And Training
Submit reports & complete training with the KPA EHS app
App-Based Forms
Fill out forms with the KPA EHS app
Attach Photos to Forms
Attach photos & videos to forms - even without connectivity
Recent Reports
Make sure recent reports get uploaded when connectivity resumes
Urgent Report Push Notification
Push notification for an urgent report

Mobile Forms

The KPA EHS EHS app makes it possible for your team to fill out and submit forms - even if there is no internet connection. Submitted reports & attachments wait in the Recent Reports screen of the device until a connection is available.
Learn More: Mobile Forms

Mobile Training

When training tasks are assigned, the KPA EHS app offers one-click access to begin the training. Lessons automatically adjust to look great on any screen size or orientation.
Learn More: Mobile Training

App Training Bullets Slide
View slides with bullet-points in KPA EHS training
App-Based Training Quiz
Complete quizzes in KPA EHS training
Complete Training
Complete mobile-based training with KPA EHS
Open Task List
Access your open task list via the KPA EHS app

Open-Task List

The app badge (little number at the top-right of the home screen icon) tells each employee how many open-tasks they have pending. Tap the "Open-Tasks" button and their tasks open up with quick access to complete each item. Tasks include incomplete training, inspection, acknowledgments / sign-offs, follow-ups, and more.
Learn More: Open-Tasks List

Resource & SOP Library

You may have PDFs like standard operating proceedures (SOPs), emergency contact numbers, chemical sheets, client policies, employee handbooks, and other documents to share with your team. The KPA EHS app gives easy access to search and view these documents, plus you can mark items as "offline" to make the app download them in case of connectivity issues.
Learn More: Resources & SOPs

Resource Library
Search & view SOPs and resources from the KPA EHS app
App Profile Page
View your profile offline & share your ISN bar code
App Profile
Share your training offline within the KPA EHS app
QR Code Scanner
Scan employee & equipment QR codes

Push Notifications

Setup notifications for yourself and your team for new form submissions, one-off training, acknowledgments, follow-ups, and more.
Learn More: Push Notifications

QR Code Scanner

A QR code is assigned to every KPA EHS employee profile and every asset profile. Print ID cards or stickers, then scan the codes to review training/inspection status.
Learn More: QR Code Scanner

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Top KPA EHS Mobile Features

The KPA EHS app is designed to make common tasks quick and easy for team members out in the field or on the go. This includes:


Mobile Reporting »

Fill out reports quickly, even with no connectivity.


Mobile Training »

Complete training on-the-go including documents, videos, & quizzes.


Open Task List »

See your open tasks & complete them with one touch.


My Profile »

Quickly pull up your credentials, ISN Number, and more - even without connectivity.


QR Scanner »

Scan employee & equipment QR codes to check status or complete inspections.


Notifications »

Get push notifications for tasks, urgent reports, and more.


Resources »

Access operating procedures, policies, and other documents - even without connectivity.



Access the full KPA EHS application with one-click through the Website link.

KPA EHS in 60 Seconds

Watch this quick overview of the KPA EHS system.

10 Minute Walk-through

Watch this walk-through of the KPA EHS system.