Assign & Schedule Inspections

Assign asset inspections to members of your team, and determine how often they need to be renewed.

Assign EHS Asset Inspections

Each asset can be assigned to any number of employees. Assignees will receive an open-task when an inspection is missing, out-of-date, or expiring with a direct link to complete the inspection form you assign.

Status Report

View the inspection status on any profile page or run a full-system status report to see which assets are up-to-date, expiring, expired, or never completed.
Learn More: Inspection Status Report

Asset Designer
Design assets with custom fields & inspection schedules
Weekly Asset Inspections
Setup weekly asset inspection schedules
Periodic Asset Inspections
Setup periodic inspection on a rolling schedule
Equipment Types
Setup your own asset types & inspection schedules

Inspection Schedules

Each asset may have any number of inspections required. For example, you might setup a pickup truck to have a weekly visual inspection on Mondays, plus an annual inspection that is much more in-depth, plus another inspection every 5,000 miles.

Schedules can be based on time intervals, or based on custom properties like "engine hours" or "miles". These are the common options for inspection intervals:

  • None - no inspection is required - you just want to keep track of some information
  • Once - the inspection must be done once, but no follow-up is ever needed
  • Rolling - choose how often (e.g. days, weeks, months, years) and inspection will be required as soon as the previous one expires
  • Weekly - on a specific day of the week (e.g every Monday)
  • Monthly - on a specific day of every month (e.g. the 1st of every month or the last Friday of every month)
  • Quarterly, Semi-Annual - every X months (e.g. the 2nd Monday of every 3rd month)
  • Annually - on a certain day of the year
  • Custom Field - create a custom field to track some numeric value (e.g. every 1,000 hours)

Top Asset Management Features

Check out the EHS Asset Management Overview page or learn more about specific features including:


Assign & Schedule Inspections »

Assign asset inspections to specific team members and choose how often it needs to be renewed.


Inspection Status Reports »

Run reports to see which assets are have up-to-date, expiring, or expired inspections.


Equipment Profile »

Each asset has its own profile page which lists inspection status, recent inspections, assignments, and more.


Inspection Form Builder »

Build your own inspection forms for your team to fill out in the field.


QR Scanner »

Each asset is assigned a QR code which can be scanned to do a quick inspection or view the inspection status.


Open Tasks List »

When an inspection is expiring or out-of-date, the system will automatically create an open task for the person assigned.


Roles & Permissions »

Decide which assets each team member can view, edit, create, or remove.


Scheduled Reports »

Setup automatic, scheduled reports to email you or your team asset inspection status reports.


Import Assets & Inspections »

Easily import large numbers of assets or inspection dates to get your site up-and-running quickly.

KPA EHS in 60 Seconds

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10 Minute Walk-through

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