Driver Qualifications

Driver Qualifications is a KPA EHS add-on that helps you track & manage files for your regulated / commercial drivers.

About The Driver Qualification Add-On

Driver Qualifications allow for the customization of managing the driver qualification files required for commercial motor vehicle regulated drivers according to FMCSA 49 CFR 391. Simplify the process of creating and maintaining DOT driver files, such as medical examiner's certificate, motor vehicle reports, driver's certification of violations, and other required documents.

Ensure compliance for both FMCSA requirements and internal driver programs and policies. Track and manage drivers license expiration, endorsement requirements, and more. Easily access data, store documents for both active and terminated employees, and schedule a variety of status reports to administrators and managers. Communicate and engage with drivers by delivering tasks, notify of expiring qualification documents, and provide offline access to documentation.

Driver Profile / Status - Driver Qualifications
The driver qualification profile shows the driver's status for all requirements.
Status Report For All Drivers - Driver Qualifications
A driver qualifications status report for all drivers in your system.
Requirements Status Report - Driver Qualifications
A driver qualifications status report for all requirements in your system.


Setup requirements for all or some of your driving team. Choose how often each file must be updated and the system will automatically assign driver tasks and create status reports for each driver in the system. Files for terminated profiles are automatically retained without any additionally charge.

Give drivers offline access to their qualification files through the KPA EHS iPhone / Android App so they can pull up their documents at any time.

Create requirements to match your policies and procedures. Common requirements include:

  • Annual Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)
  • CDL / Permit / Driver's License
  • Commercial Vehicle Drug Database Verification
  • DOT Medical Examiner's Certificate
  • Driver’s Application for Employment
  • Driver’s Certification of Violations
  • Driver’s Road Test Certificate or Equivalent
  • Initial Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)
  • Inquiry to Previous Employers: Safety Performance History Records Request
  • Inquiry To State Agencies for Driving Record
  • Medical examiner verified on National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners
  • Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Documents
  • Previous 7 Day Details
  • PSP Report
  • Safety Performance History Records: Driver Correction or Rebuttal
List Of Driver Requirements - Driver Qualifications
The list of requirements you have setup for your drivers.
Setup a Driver Requirement - Driver Qualifications
Creating a driver qualification requirement for your organization.
Marking a Qualification Complete - Driver Qualifications
Marking a driver qualification as complete for a driver.

Status Reports

Run status reports by requirement or by driver to see what files are up-to-date, expiring, or expired. Export reports to PDF and Excel or setup automatic daily, weekly, monthly, etc reports to be emailed to you and your supervisors.

Sign-Up / Pricing

Learn more about the Driver Qualifications add-on pricing on the Pricing page.

To sign-up, create a KPA EHS account and then enable Driver Qualifications on your billing page in the Control Panel.

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