Benzene Awareness Training

Benzene is very hazardous material, that exposes itself in several working environments. This lesson explores the ​definitions, health hazards, management strategies, and protection practices to keep workers safe when working around benzene.

34 Slides • 10 Quiz Questions • Narration • Multilingual • Mobile-Optimized • Editable

Benzene Awareness Quiz Questions

These are the topics covered by the Benzene Awareness quiz questions. Mutliple-choice answers are shown on the training but not below.

  • What is a clear, colorless liquid with a sweet odor?
  • Benzene is a carcinogen, which means it can cause
  • The most common route of benzene exposure is
  • What are the OSHA limits to workplace exposure to benzene in the air, during an 8-hour time-weighted average?
  • The short term exposure limit is defined as 5 ppm averaged over any 15-minute​ period...
  • Within how many working days after an employer receives results from monitoring, does an affected worker need to be notified?
  • Who must meet minimum hazard communication requirements, set up regulated benzene areas, and post warning signs?
  • If engineering controls cannot reduce the amount of benzene in the air to below the permissible exposure limit, workers must use...
  • If working in an area where benzene is present, training must occur
  • In the event of a large benzene spill, workers should immediately get a mop to start the clean up process...

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